Metamorphosis (2016)


For this project, I aim to explore the conflicting light and dark sides of people, through their demons, “angels” (or desire to do good), and their subsequent coping mechanisms developed to relieve the schizophrenic stress of handling two conflicting states. We bottle ourselves up in an effort to be “good people” according to our world’s standards- which is a truly noble objective. However, I feel that society often sacrifices the truth for being good, which ends up tainting the purity of the goodness we may strive for. I say that being a good person is being genuine, and my goal is to morph the misconception that we must sequester our dark sides to achieve goodness into the idea that goodness is achieved through the exposure and awareness of our darkness within. There is a popular saying that “art should disturb the comfortable and comfort the disturbed,” but my objective here is to disturb both from their places, because unfortunately even the disturbed often find solace and a certain ease in their “disturbedness”.

Metamorphosis moves in two directions; it the literal respresentation of change through the elegant juxtaposition of images to create a metaphor. Without one side there is no other, but between these two destinations of change, there is an often overlooked third metamorphosis- the journey of space and time between those opposing destinations.

In order to depict the constant push and pull between the good and bad choices we make as humans, I want the start of the metamorphosis and the end product to be indistisginushable from one another. Instead, this morphing of the self slides back and forth on the axis of the third morphing stage, or the “journey”.

I am interested in using a blend of disjointed animal and human forms to depict an infinitely cycling conjoined twin-type creature. To me, the way the metamorphosis happens is equally important (this is the third morph I was attempting to explain), so I will also add an element of the manner in which the dark and light sides converge. Because they are opposing concepts, I want the metamorphosis to appear forced: when we are good, the devil on our shoulder tells us to do bad; when we are bad, the angel implores us to do good. We are never satisfied, always on the prowl for the thing that we are not or do not have. Darkness not only craves light- it could not exist without it, and vice versa.