A College Essay.

My mission through my pursuit of art is to cultivate social change in my own culture. Throughout my adventures, I look back on the small people of the world I have met, and feel the happiness that pervades their culture. I believe I can bring that beauty back into my own culture by creating images that inspire people to make positive changes in their lives.

The breath in my lungs cannot exist without a pencil in my hands. In my transient lifestyle, I strive to stand above the crowd through the only two constants in my life: my faith and my art. I pursue my creative future in blind faith, knowing that The Lord will deliver me to my destination. Along the way, I enjoy the ride. Creating is the purest expression of who I am; the embodiment all I want to represent. Art may not bring me riches, but my faith will sustain me. The fierce passion I have to make a change by focusing on the things I value will bring me lifelong joy. The more I mature, the more obvious it is that it would be impossible for me to separate my life and my art.

As Charles Bukowski said so precisely, ”unless the sun inside you in burning your gut, don’t do it.” As the sun inside me feeds the flames of my heart, I could not spend a day of my life without actively pursuing social change. My favorite places in the world are where I experience a true culture and a welcoming community, two things sorely lacking in my country of origin. Through my art, I want to revive the culture I come from with genuine love, replace ignorance with a passion for knowledge, and strengthen turbulent, waning values. I feel convicted as someone who has had the opportunity to live around the world to share the beauty I experienced in people and places that care about more than material possessions. Wherever I walk in this life, I could not live without trying to bring my vision of light into the world.

Growing up as a traveler fostered a love of risk-taking in me, nurtured my love of people and the world, and stimulated an infinite learning experience. I see where changes are necessary in my culture, and am able to collaborate with people from all different backgrounds to perceive a greater world view. I learned the value of being a genuinely good person.

My conviction as an artist is to make a change through encouraging justice and community engagement. It is my duty to use my ability to create to positively influence the world around me. I want my art to convey a love for people specifically. In our materialistic culture, we believe we have it “all”. I want to redefine that “all”, and work towards a society focused instead on the values that truly matter. I am ready and willing to rebel against the social injustices that have become accepted in our culture, and paint a new picture to defy cultural standards.

I learned to boldly and confidently stand beside my differences and respect, support, and learn from others in their differences. I have many diverse interests and viewpoints that I would love to cultivate in a community like CCA, where I can be challenged and surrounded by people who, through impossibly diverse backgrounds, have a fundamental passion to create in common.

I would be a good fit for CCA because we both aspire to make lasting, positive changes outside of the expectation of our world. My mission through my pursuit of art is to make a lasting cultural change by reducing ignorance to world issues. I believe it is important to work the make a change specifically in my own culture because we have such a wide range of influence. If the American culture focused less on materialism and more on the beauty and people around them like smaller cultures do, I know that so many world issues would be alleviated. As a place rife with opportunity and privelge, we should step out of our comfort zones and put the fruits of our country’s foremost ideal- equal opportunity- to work.