Skirting Immigration Laws (Shh)


4 of October 2013

On this suffocating summer night in Playa Del Carmen, I dutifully report that today was splendid, it not chokingly humid. My family and I went to Aidan’s futbol match, but unfortunately the other team couldn’t scrounge up any more than three players, so they forfeited. Carlos, the coach, set up a little scrimmage for the boys to actually get a chance to play then, but before long, the other coach from Colegio Ingles  pulled together some boys and they got to playing an informal friendly against Papalote. Mikaela Kinen, a blogger Mum made contact with and who’s son, Cole, is friends with my brothers, chatted with Mum in the bleachers. The talked about a variety of subjects, but my favorite quote from her came from the conversation of us going to visit Belize. We have to leave for Belize within 180 days of our stay in Mexico, because my family didn’t get a visa to live here, so we are staying on a traveler’s visa, which expires in that amount of time. Anyway, Mikaela said this after describing the immensely small population of the country, “I have more Facebook friends than there are people in Belize.” Which is probably true.

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