“Nic Niples”

8 of October

Yesterday I learned about a group chat about me someone started after acquiring pictures of me in a bikini. “Nic Niples” is the title of the group chat on WhatsUp, the app everyone in Mexico uses for free texting. My view is that if those idiots are going to share pictures of me all around Playa, they should at least learn how to spell what they’re titling them. When I learned about this, I had to leave my classroom to blow off some steam, and after exploring all my options, I came to the conclusion that I couldn’t do anything about the deed, since the pictures have been shared between hundreds of kids now.It bothers me so much that I’m powerless in this situation, but by now the group chat has expanded so that no matter how many people I talk to, those images will never be gone. I don’t want to give in to the idiocy of the  circumstances, but I’ve learned that I can’t always be in control, which is something that a control- freak like me finds very hard to grasp.

So this means that the undermining of girls in Mexico goes beyond that: it is plain disrespect I’m being treated with. The boys in my class, whom I’m very close with, now have a sense of protection over me, like how they have over Marina, so they sometimes act as if I’m a little girl they all dote over, and the rest of the school just looks at skimpily dressed pictures of me. There is no medium between respect and equality for girls here, like how I’ve always taken advantage of in the United States. This is cultural fight I’m battling, and although I’m not going to beat years of social evolution, I’m going to carve a path for myself,and anyone who wants to follow, that girls can be just as good as the boys.

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