7 of October 2013

All of those Lily and Daisys in the world, the gossip, the drama, it’s all gravity. Gravity, the bad things in life that pull you closer to the human aspect of the Earth and farther from the perfection of some Heaven is something everyone battles with internally. I’ve learned, just in this last month, to keep myself in the light of of the gravity though. Today Daisy came in to our English class, the only class she attends at Papalote, and sat next to me. The whole time Santos, who was sitting next to Daisy, was leaning over her to tell me that Daisy loves me. I responded that if Daisy loved me, she wouldn’t say bad things about me. Daisy turned to me and her eyes were black and sharp and I was sarcastic and bright and twelve steps ahead of her.

” I don’t say bad things about you,” Daisy lamely tried.

“Oh, really.” I stabbed back for the first time in response to her violent words and she shut up and turned round, quick as anything. Before Mexico, I would have without a doubt handled to situation much differently. Mexico has made me a better person, and that’s the best gift of them all. It’s like I’m in a bell jar that synthesizes the effects of zero gravity, and all around me, just outside the thin glass of my bell jar, are the people burdened by their gravities in life. I’m standing, erected in the midst of darkness and gravity and the world, shining light of nonviolence that my fighting personality has never experienced before. I’m free from worry, drama, and the pickle Lily and Daisy brought upon themselves.

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