Flash Back

Flash Back

Wednesday Night: Bible Study in Paamul

25 of September

Tonight at the Pastor’s house in Paamul, a transient community in the semi-jungle, the small church and my family ate a lovely meal of Mrs. Kander’s delicious beans, Spanish rice, tortilla chips and guacamole, taco salad, Mum’s grilled veggies, a fresh baguette, sugary iced tea, and finished everything off with chocolate oatmeal cookies. This was the third time we have gone to wednesday night fellowships, and I’m absloutely in love with the concept.

Today was the first whole day without a speck of rain since saturday, which was the halt of 23 days of rainstorms. To any tourist, it would look as if a hurricane was on the verge of exploding across the Caribbean coastline, but we locals know that there is only reason to worry about hurricanes if the rains don’t come at this time of the year. So far though, we have experienced the sticky humidity of the hottest month of Playa, August, and then we received the largest amount of rainfall Playa has seen in five years with open arms. Talk about a record year.

Aidan and I had a misunderstanding today that ended in him throwing my IPhone, so as I type this up, I have to maneuver my fingers around the jagged cracks in the screen. Kanon, Delilah, and the boys, plus all the kids in primera have a party tomorrow to celebrate one of the Waldorf founding fathers- which means the kids have to dress up as knights, princesses, and dragons. I was, of course, immediately put to the task of figuring out Kanon’s knight costume with the limited supplies available. I gave him a chain-mail shirt and fixed up cardboard, tinfoil, and paint to create a medieval sword. It wasn’t the best of my creations, but it will have to do.

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