Walking into a Hallmark store is my worst nightmare. 

It is stripping the depth of your sympathy or sorrow to the flippant “deepest sympathies” phrase with a Google Images photo of a lilac. It is commercializing a precious stepping stone in life worthy of a card. It is compacting your emotions and exuberation into a cookie-cutter quip.

I believe that living life to the fullest means living introspectively, with our eyes open to all the things that make life so complex, so tragic, and so beautiful. Instead of slapping a Hallmark label and some cheesy quote on a celebration for someone who changed your life or that pixelated lilac for the death of a parent, let’s try to reach deeper into ourselves.

Let’s try to draw closer, to step out of conventionality, to be more intimate, and more true. Let’s find each other, across the boundless waves of opinions, obligations, and beliefs that make up a person; in our vulnerable states when feelings are free-floating, unabashed, untamable. Let’s not only meet face to face, let’s love each other soul to soul. 

How do we distinguish those moments? It starts with a card. 

From birthdays to births, holidays to well wishes, and all the circumstances that require a little more than words can convey- has you covered. My new collection of handmade greeting cards was born out of a lifetime of drawing personalized cards for every occasion, from friends to family.

Everyone deserves something 100% unique, handpicked just for them by someone who loves them. 

Each original card is hand painted on heavyweight card-stock. Delivery within a week of order.

Three Pack Order includes: 1 “Happy Birthday” card & 2 blanks of your choice with three complementary envelopes ($20)

Individual Sale: any 1 card of your choice with complementary envelope ($5)

Customized Pack (for purchases of two or more cards) : any 2 or more cards of your choice with complementary envelopes

Customize Your Envelope! For only $3, you can order any of your packs with a customized envelope directly addressed to the person of your choice.

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