27 of September 2013

I’ll begin this post with a little explanation of yesterday. It was the last day of school for the week- Thursday- because today, Friday, is a Mexican holiday. I got in major trouble and narrowly avoided a suspension; Xochitl and I were thought to be missing but in fact I was helping her with her Spanish on the roof of the school instead of going to class. Carlos and Paulo, the boys in the band, wanted me to play with them that night at the bar, and Carlos called out to me from outside our gate around five pm to come practice at his house. We hung out there, the two of us, and messed around for half an hour before Aidan and Kanon came to tell me that Mum was starting The Blind Side and wanted me home.

Now, up to the present, our power weirdly shut off at 2:30 am last night and all the rooms became chokingly sticky except one: mine. I had accidentally left on our air conditioning all night so the atmosphere was one of the arctic by the time the AC stopped working, so Kira and I didn’t feel the effects of the power outage. Luckily, things were back to normal in thirty minutes and Mum could rest contentedly. Unbeknownst to us until later that morning when Mrs. Kander phoned, the outage had also slammed Puerto Aventuras, except their power wasn’t recovering like ours had. As it turned out, we canceled our previously planned evening with them and chilled at home.

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