Dia Del Indepencia

Mexican Independence Day, Sunday

15 of September

My family attended church until noon, and then spent the day with Chris and his family. We began our day together at the beach, but soon the heavens opened up and our families ran back to my house; then within twenty minutes curiosity drove us to the Kander’s home. Let me back up and tell you about the last couple days though:

We missed school on Friday, and in the predawn morning gloom, Mum came into my room and apologized for having too slow of a morning to be ready for school on time- but it of course wasn’t her fault. Missing school means nothing, just that we will have to find something else to occupy our day. I was slightly perturbed at missing though, I’ve fallen in love with Papalote and didn’t want to miss it. On the subject of school, Jim has yet to return Bearing the Cross to me, which I lent to him last week, and the meeting with Gonzalo he promised never happened. I don’t mind that fact one bit though, because I was going to have to talk my teacher using my minimal Spanish, since he isn’t bilingual.

This weekend Kira and I had our first soccer game, as well as Aidan and Kalin. Our game went exactly how I perceived it would. Prior to the match, Kira and I had spent the morning watching Kalin play with his nine and under age bracket. Funny story about that- we thought that Kalin and Aidan were going to be playing their game with the kids they practice with, but as it turns out, only Kal was the proper age to play that morning. With the aid of a kindly, strawberry blonde, Canadian woman, the coach, Carlos, related to Mum that Kalin could play with Aidan on the days that he had soccer matches, but he was eligible to play with the nine and under group as well. It took some convincing to get Kal to participate in the game after he found out his brother wouldn’t be with him, but he eventually decided he’d do it. The rest of the kids, including a disappointed Aidan, walked up the concrete steps into some stands above the two adjoining fields. Kalin would be playing on the blue turf field instead of the typical green one next door. Near the conclusion of the match, my friend Malakai from school walked up and sat down next to Kira and I.

“Hey!” I exclaimed, “What are you doing here?”

“We have a game against Delphinus at nine,” he explained. Kai and I chatted for a couple minutes before more kids from my class and prepa began to arrive. Santos also is on the Papalote team, and when he sat down with the large group in the stands, he caught my eyes and smiled. He didn’t say hello to me until I was leaving- which in his world was a kiss and “Gutentag”. He can say whatever he wants, I just want to keep on everyone’s good side, and so far I still am confused as to whether he dislikes me or not.

Now, fast forward to my game. Mum told Kira and I in the beater van that the two of us would have to stretch and warm ourselves up if the team didn’t know to do that sort of thing- we couldn’t strain our muscles from the way we exert ourselves in a game by not having the proper warm up. So upon arriving at the field, Kirs and I dropped our bags and ran a light quarter of a mile, then finished off the routine with some stretches. The coach told us our lineup: Kira and I were starting as wings, and I allowed her take right wing. At half, on my request, we agreed to switch so I could take right; since we both are right footed, left wing means playing backwards. Our sister duo worked great- we kicked butt like I knew we would. Since we have always watched each other playing and practiced together on occasion in our front yard, our chemistry was impeccable. I scored the first goal of the game, not five minutes into the match with a shoo in off a corner kick. The final score was >8-0, a win for Tepeyak. I scored only once, but had four assists, and Kira scored twice- the leading girl of the game.

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