1 of October

Happy Fall! It’s finally October first- crazy we made it this far! Today was another interesting day, what with my suspension, the Lily conversation, and the MIA CableMos guys. But before I get into all that drama, I bear some good news: Papa bought his plane ticket and he is coming in a couple weeks. This month and a half have been the longest time I have spent without Pop in my life. Another date to add to your radar: Papa’s second flight here to visit, in mid December, will include Aunt Maria, Uncle Derek, and my cousins Derek, Patrick, and Paulina. Derek and I have been very close our whole lives, and I’m ecstatic to show the dolphin enthusiast and aspiring marine biologist the thriving aquatic wildlife, especially the dolphins in Puerto.

Tuesday (today) marked the fifth consecutive day without the internet. The CableMos men, through a quirky series of events, told Mum they would be coming to fix our internet after another job they had, but they never returned. I’m just hoping that this problem will be solved soon, but taking into consideration the tough Erika from Gecko who manages our property, and the small window of availability that the CableMos guys have, I think it could be weeks without getting plugged back in to the online world. This has been a problem for us: we haven’t spoken to Papa since the internet went down, and there is no Facebook access obviously to connect with him- plus the everyday use for homework and Spanish translation not being there is getting annoying. Normally, Mum would be happy about this kind of problem, and she would tell us to expand our minds and entertain ourselves in ways that don’t include the internet. Then Kalin would whine that there’s nothing to do and I’d retort that he should go read a book.

On the subject of books, my in school suspension from my mishap with Xochitl went extremely well, in fact, Jim may have opened up a can of worms with the whole school- exile thing. After artes in the morning, Jim pulled me from class and set me up in the only available spot- the court of the elementary school balcony with Xochitl. He handed me an SAT book and instructed me to read three passages, answer all the questions pertaining to the passages, then respond to a writing section consisting of three prompts, and lastly to write a critical response, lay out a character chart, and design an art project based on the MLK book, Bearing The Cross. I completed the work from the SAT booklet before I ran out of time in the day. To my surprise, Jim let his two detainees out for recess, so for the first break I plopped down next to Alma on the bench across from the soccer field- and unfortunately, across from Lily. I recently learned that Lily and Daisy, who I originally thought to be my friends, have been spreading blatantly false rumors about me around Playa for no reason; they just up and decided they “hate me”. Now the half of Playa I haven’t met yet thinks I’m some kind of whore, but I carefully talked to Mum about the situation and made sure to play it out in a way that would keep me far away from bloodshed and petty girl drama. Basically, I’m just treating the girls the same way I always have, with courtesy and kindness. The way I handled things really pissed Daisy and Lily off, so now any dirty piece of information they can dream up about me- or hear about- is on the loose and advertised to the youth of my home. Anyways, I told Alma about the suspension, and Lily put on a sweet face from across the table to squeeze some information she could use against me, but I calmly and cautiously explained that my suspension was the result of intended goodwill, and how the level of respect I have for my maestros would never lend me to ditch my class. Her interest in my suspension diminished rapidly as I countered her hopeful wishes for some dirt on me. I am gleefully aware of Lily and Daisy’s self proclaimed hatred for me, and I’m finally playing a situation like this as the good girl. I’ve done nothing wrong to them, and I have nothing to hide.

Socially and academically I’m thriving at Papalote- in fact, just last night I completed a power point and a poster of Bonnie and Clyde for homework. Claudia and Jim pay me compliments, and I know I’ve outdistanced their expectations for my achievements in their imperfect immersion program. (Or, lack of a program.) But I’m more interested on art and my future right now. I discovered a website called Society6 that basically is a faucet for artists to sell and purchase artwork, and as soon as we get our internet back, I think I’ll be ready to start posting and selling. Welcome to the art world Miss Maia Jackson.

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