Chicas Armadas


22 of September 2013

Well, I’m awfully behind in my blogging. In case you haven’t understood the dates at the top of my posts, I’m reaching back into time before I started this blog and typing up all my old journal entries I’ve kept since my move to Playa. Soon I hope to be up to date with no more old posts to, well, post.

Things have been extremely eventful the last couple days! For the fifth time since the battery died, we jump started the car and drove to church. After, Mrs. Kander and Mum figured out that Chris would go to the cinema with Kira and I for a birthday party we were invited to at Carlos’ and Manu’s party last night.  Mrs. Kander dropped her son off at our house about two hours later, after spending nearly forty minutes attempting to get our car to work so we could drive home from church. None of us were sure we would be able to make it home for the sixth time off a jump start after it randomly broke down in the church parking lot as we tried to get it started. The seven of us debated taking the fast freeway to home (yes, Playa finally has a freeway! Well, it’s more like a two line highway) but if the car broke down on the freeway it would be much more dangerous taking than taking the slower, side streets through town. Eventually we arrived home from the freeway- with no surprises with the car thankfully- and got ready to go to the Plaza Americanas Mall where the cinema is. The girl’s birthday was very fun- we saw The Heat, and for some reason it was playing in English, which was a mixed-bag sort of thing. For starters, Kira and I had no idea what movie we were seeing because everything is displayed in Spanish, of course. So they call it, “Chicas Armadas”, which roughly translates to “Chicks With Guns”, and that definitely isn’t the same name as “The Heat” for us gringas. The big group of us then movie hopped into The Internship and walked around the mall for a bit, before Carlos’ parents picked us up and drove us back to Quinta. From there, Kira departed and the rest of the kids and I strolled and laughed down the main street. I felt like a local finally, bantering in Spanish with friends who have lived here all their lives.

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