Busting Brains

20 of October 2013

Today I spent laying on the beach doing my homework: reading the MLK book and getting a severe tan in my new bathing suits from America. I feel the oppression of too much work I signed up for, and it was nice to be able to relax while feeling like I’m getting some of my work done. Ever feel like that? Here’s my list of things I have to do:

-Create blueprints for the Paamul haunted house and come up with possible themes for the party

-Read the 700+ page MLK biography and analyze it in depth with Jim

-Sketch out precise ideas to possibly present to Claudia to see if I can paint a mural at Papalote

-Begin posting and selling my artwork on Society6

-Catch up my posts with their proper dates on this blog

-Create two more campaign posters to advertise the fundraiser my class is putting on

-Continue to work on my Spanish with our sweet tutor and work on Rosetta Stone for extra support

-Begin scraping the surface of the eight hundred page SAT book Papa bought me from America to keep up with my studies

-Figure out who I’m going to play with for soccer

Today on the beach, Papa met up with a man we met during our first week in Playa, a friend of Larry Larson. His name is Alexander, and he is from Russia, so he speaks, obviously, Russian, Spanish, and English. He has a son named Nicholai and a wife who is in Belize, on business, I’ll assume. We exchanged phone numbers and will get together with them soon.

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