¡Bienvenido a Guanajuato!

After 8 months of life in California that included a life-threatening illness, spontaneous excursions in the snow-capped mountains to the crisp coast, and weeks of untimely scrambling to showcase our home for prospective buyers- I am writing to you from abroad once more! Guanajuato, Mexico is a colonial town dating back to the Spanish conquistadors of the 1500s. Twenty minutes from the airport in Leon and four hours out of Mexico City, Guanajuato lies 6,000 ft up at the heart of the country. Here winding cobblestone roadways are nestled between mountainous terrain: eclectic San Franciscan homes paint the rolling sky scape in chipped reds, oranges, and yellows, warm blues and greens, and sun kissed brick. On the breeze floats the cheerful tittering of pajaros and the faint rumbling of the road below. The atmosphere is one of urban serenity, a concept foreign to Americans. Here the people take long, slow strides and greet each other as they pass. The traffic moves at the infantile pace of the rickety buses, who get reprimanded with routes if they arrive at their set destination too quickly. In this oasis halfway between the heavens and the sprawling Mexican desert, it is evident that in Guanajuato there is an ethereal peace the permeates existence. Legend says the Mexican revolution was spurred on from inside these saloons. Larger-than-life muralist Diego Rivera grew up on these streets. It is a town rooted in a history richer and deeper than even that of the people whose ancestors walked under this Guanajuatan sky. Perhaps the tangible passage of time in this city contributes to the ease with which life moves. Maybe this ease simply stems from Mexican culture, which notoriously moves two hours slower than the rest of the world. Or still, perhaps it is something more ancient, more mysterious, hidden in the hills. For now, all I understand is that the world has a lesson to learn from Guanajuato: peace begins with the simple things.

*Now, if you have followed my blog for the last year, you may be wondering where my dramatic, moonlit saga story is in this post. Moving to Playa Del Carmen and the creation of this blog happened to me at a train wreck time in my life, so consequently, most of my posts were tinted with at least two references to sex, alcohol, and profanity out the wazoo. So, yes, I am here to deliver spectacular, jaw-dropping anecdotes on life abroad, but I can assure you this time there will be a little less insanity.

¡Bienvenido a Guanajuato!

Welcome to Guanajuato, Mexico’s very own colonial Spain resting in the heart of the country. Continue reading ¡Bienvenido a Guanajuato!

Hasta Pronto Playa Del Carmen!

Happy June! After our Jackson family see-you-soon shindig yesterday night, we have been busy rolling up our belongings to travel back to California for the summer. Departure is in two days, and all my belongings- except for my library of books- I packed into two bags in less than half an hour. Meanwhile, hurricane season is on the brink of its return and the sky … Continue reading Hasta Pronto Playa Del Carmen!

Road Trippy: Palenque & San Cristobal

Day 1. Saturday, April 12. And We’re Off! + Hostel Yaxkin Loaded up the car with our bags, Christy, Andrew, Clayton, and the Jackson clan. We took off for Palenque at 9:30, and had been driving for eight hours when our rental van broke down. We stopped at a mechanic in one of the twelve building villages, who gave the fuel pump the ol’ German … Continue reading Road Trippy: Palenque & San Cristobal

Bathroom Readers: The Grand Canyon

The gang takes on the Grand Canyon in a week of wind, potentially lethal animals, tent camping, out-door pooping, and adventure. Continue reading Bathroom Readers: The Grand Canyon

A Condensed History of the Mexican Spirit

5 of May Feliz Cinco de Mayo! On this historic Mexican holiday, we look to the past and remember the great Mexican victory won over the French (who were angry because Mexico didn’t pay their bills.) On this day, 1862, a band of ragtag natives lead by Ignacio Zaragoza and armed with meager artillery valiantly defended their land with a spirit that has enraptured the … Continue reading A Condensed History of the Mexican Spirit

The Many Flavors of Mexico

21 of March I know I’m extremely belated, but happy St. Patrick’s day everyone! An outcry of media from the States condoning the drinking of hard alcohols and stuffing oneself with cured beef and that floppy green stuff echoed hollowly in my ears this year, since Mexico doesn’t celebrate the holiday. Sure, there was a nice effort put forth by Mum and Papa, who organized … Continue reading The Many Flavors of Mexico

Expressions of a Mexican Griot

The Jackson family arrived safely back in Long Beach yesterday morning to an empty, echoey house. We setup a few mattresses on the floor and huddled together, because this weather is absolutely freezing! I haven’t felt the lick of seventy degrees in ten months, and let me tell you, after living under a ripe sun and rice-cooking humidity, this is a bit of culture shock. … Continue reading Expressions of a Mexican Griot

Why I Chose To Flip The Page Instead of Plugging In

A little over a month ago I was forced to make a decision: go to public school or continue homeschooling? Mum was incapable of teaching any of the kids grades 1-10 at the time; her underhanded surgery had crippled her and left her bedridden, in and out of the hospital for two months. She relapsed one morning while I was the only other “adult” in … Continue reading Why I Chose To Flip The Page Instead of Plugging In

The Hero of the Story

August. Exactly one year ago at this time I was laying flat on my stomach in a new bed on the second story of a new house in a new city in a new country. I was staring, bleary eyed, at my minuscule iPhone screen as I typed up what would become one of the original posts on this website, which was not yet officially … Continue reading The Hero of the Story

Possibly the Most Exciting & Difficult Adventure I’ve Ever Taken On

“Who died for your sins and saved your life?” The crowd was bursting with flashes of light and I could make out the tail-end of my name through the stampeding hands and raucous cheering. “Jesus Christ!” “I baptize you in the name of The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit.” The first view I ever had of the inside of the church was from … Continue reading Possibly the Most Exciting & Difficult Adventure I’ve Ever Taken On

I Know Why the Dead Bird Still Sings

30 of May Countdown: Four Days until departure Marguerite Johnson was thrust into the world on April 4, 1928, nearly 71 years before I was even a thought. But as young Marguerite traversed the temperamental tides of life, a new identity began to shape; the strong-willed woman shed a skin of abuse, silence, and racial discrimination, the sound of her indomitable voice culminating in a … Continue reading I Know Why the Dead Bird Still Sings

Hotel Horror: Tulum

Before I scare you with the video chronicling our run-in at an abandoned, haunted hotel on a secluded beach where the ghosts of past guests still checking into their desiccated rooms can be heard, let me share about the goodies I’ve been baking! As you know, my family went organic, plant-based vegan almost four years ago, but that doesn’t mean we have missed out on … Continue reading Hotel Horror: Tulum

Xplor (Forget Disneyland)

6 of April Well, I am here to tell you that the attraction park Xplor right outside of Playa (off the caratera, aka freeway) is a must for vacationers and residents alike! Yesterday my family, cousins Kristine and Kennedy visiting from San Francisco, and our young friends Asha and Raina all made the trip down the caratera to explore Xplor (sorry, had to.) Residents: you guys know the drill- … Continue reading Xplor (Forget Disneyland)

The Lobster Award

Just kidding! It’s the Liebster Award… whatever that is! 6 of May So since I was nominated for some blogosphere award, you, my faithful yet small amount of readers, get to learn a little about me, as part of the rules of the award. Read at your own risk. “The Liebster Award is awarded to bloggers with under 200 followers to try to promote their … Continue reading The Lobster Award

Bladder Rain Dances (And Other Social Reforms)

2 of April 2014 From Saturday to Sunday I spent my hours in the hospital, so I had a lot of time to lay back and think about all the things that bother me and are, inevitably, wrong with society. My bacterial infections, parasite, and rotavirus had kept me from food for 36 hours, so naturally this was the first thing that I noticed had … Continue reading Bladder Rain Dances (And Other Social Reforms)

Grit & Grime: Exposing The Streets

A briefing on Vivian Maier and the elusive daredevil she was. Continue reading Grit & Grime: Exposing The Streets

100 Dresses

23 of March Hi, I’m Maia and I’m a holdon-aholic. Hold On-Aholic (phrasal verb of hold): 1. One who continues to keep things in their possession that are no longer required and are unnecessary to an extreme extent. For many months, my mind was stuck in a perpetual, cynical fog that hovered like dust particles above every stray thought I had, waiting patiently to settle … Continue reading 100 Dresses

The Carnivore’s Dilemma

A post explaining my views on food, medicine, and the whole monopoly as a vegan. Plus: how to get started on your vegan journey to happiness, prosperity, and longevity. Continue reading The Carnivore’s Dilemma

Writing, Wolff, and Plath

26 of February 2014 I do not know how it came- nor exactly when- the instant I realized I want to be a writer. It was more of the overripe apple that finally fell into my lap after lazily shading myself in its shadow for so long. All my life I’ve been told by  people to just be a writer already, but a, I never … Continue reading Writing, Wolff, and Plath

Homeschooling Crusades: An Open Letter to the Romeikes

20 of February 2014 So in the last months I haven’t truly gave you  a full overview of what is going on with my family educational-wise. I feel this is an important aspect of my travels and blog that will hopefully not only benefit families interested in pursuing a similar lifestyle, but also in advocating for what I strongly believe to be the way to … Continue reading Homeschooling Crusades: An Open Letter to the Romeikes

Pursuing Delinquency

14 of February 2014 Valentine’s Day There’s a pretty long list of things I like to rant about, and the reason for that’s quite simple: I’m very opinionated. One of the subjects that gets my jets going is graffiti and simply how great it is: when it became popular, artists I’m fond of, the best brands of spray paint, and what’s-your-tag-by-the-way-?  Today I spent the day … Continue reading Pursuing Delinquency

Akumal, Playa Del Carmen

11 of February 2014 First some housekeeping! I need to apologize for some brash recent posts that were extremely out of character. When I write, I prefer to keep things raw and minutely edited in order to really convey the heat of a moment and true emotions, but lately I’ve a little off track, even in my emotions; after all, my mantra is travel, art, family, … Continue reading Akumal, Playa Del Carmen

Jungle Diseases Part II

13 of March Happy Thursday everyone! I hope your day was productive, adventurous, educating, or all three. I’d really like to present myself to you in the most appealing way possible and tell you that my day was “all three”- but let’s be real: I’m not a little ray of sunshine, and today definitely brought out the grinch in me. In a post a few … Continue reading Jungle Diseases Part II

Aventuras En Belice

4 of February On the first of February, I drove with my family of eight for four hours to a small, run-down port city called Chetumal, nestled at the bottom of Quintana Roo, tickling the border into Belize. From Chetumal, we boarded a water taxi scarcely large enough to accommodate fifteen people in its cramped quarters and were ferried off for ninety minutes to one … Continue reading Aventuras En Belice

Expat: A Wanderlust Case

9 of January The bus vengefully ricocheted my temple into the window as it jumped over a pothole. I shifted myself downward and tucked my chin into my Beatles muscle tank, a much better- albeit, austere- option for a pillow. The bus was dark, and dwindling conversations between my Mum, Darla, and Tara were voiced behind the slow tempos in my earphones. The bus was … Continue reading Expat: A Wanderlust Case

Deep Thoughts (While In The Shower)

24 of January Five months ago, I began to chronicle the series of events that are my life as they folded out before me. Each night, I’d type ravenously on the itsy-bitsy iPhone screen when the lights were low, and I continued to journal my life in that way for two months before I graduated to an actual blog. Tonight as I was sitting at … Continue reading Deep Thoughts (While In The Shower)

La Ciudad De Mexico

Chapultepec Park & Castle, Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera’s homes, Leon Trotsky’s home, Anthropology Musem, Teotihuacan Pyramids, Xochimilco Continue reading La Ciudad De Mexico

Better Than Ibiza

BPM Electronica Festival. Clubbing on the beach. Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer infections. Continue reading Better Than Ibiza

The Stranger That Made The Grave-Digger Laugh

1 of January 2014 I feel like I should make this some momentous post or something. Not many years ago, I thought about the new year as a marker day, signifying the passage of time, space, and congratulations, we’ve made it this far. But I suppose the atoms and cosmos lined up a little differently for roll call this year, because I’m processing events in terms of … Continue reading The Stranger That Made The Grave-Digger Laugh

A Drowning Sort of Death

26 of December Jazz music hummed and we sat at the granite table, quietly playing cards into infinity. Chris Kander’s cards that he let me pick out from his pile of worn out decks. I felt indecisive; unable to focus in such a skitterish way that it even unnerved me to a degree. I plaited my long blonde hair to the bottom of my ribcage, … Continue reading A Drowning Sort of Death

Feliz Navidad From Mexico!

Christmas Morning 25 of December 2014 I stoop and grapple for my new pair of socks. I picked them out, you know, over Skype with Papa at Target in America when I was home alone in Mexico and drinking tea that I left in the microwave for too long on purpose. They’re all brightly woven; gaudy colors like a garden of buggy rose. Now, of … Continue reading Feliz Navidad From Mexico!

The Trued, Blued, Not Yet Tattooed Confessions Of A Teenaged Nothing

Internet, I don’t trust you one bit. You’re cold, faceless, void of personality and lacking in confidentiality. You’re the worst companion there ever was, yet so many people turn to you as their crying shoulder, the friend that accepts them and waits up with them until the early hours of dawn while they laugh at pictures of cats. Why, internet? Why is it like this … Continue reading The Trued, Blued, Not Yet Tattooed Confessions Of A Teenaged Nothing

When The Cousins Come To Town…

20 of December 2013 Three days ago I woke up in a bright room, the linen curtains drawn and the walls bathed in pale stillness, like the white of an eye, tinged with muted splashes of jaundice and veins. I felt the giddy excitement of a nun new to an abbey, rising in a bed so familiar, yet still not native to her. I think … Continue reading When The Cousins Come To Town…

Piquetitos de Sangre

Plaza Americanas, the Hunger Games, a bruised hand, and some little cuts. Continue reading Piquetitos de Sangre

Jungle Diseases

A Month-Long Tropical Rainstorm! Jungle Diseases Wreak Havoc! Continue reading Jungle Diseases

A Sullen, Penetrating Riot

December arrives with a host of lofty epiphanies. Continue reading A Sullen, Penetrating Riot

Surfing, Parties, Boys. Boys. Boys.

2 of December 2013 Sorry for my hiatus, I’ve been very busy with surfing, parties, and boys. Doesn’t sound too bad, does it? But if you factor in my under-the-weather lethargy, humdrum school days, and newly “forbidden” conversations, you might get an accurate picture of my week. As I peered around the dull classroom in Tercero de Secundaria at El Papalote I had come to … Continue reading Surfing, Parties, Boys. Boys. Boys.

Brainwashed Zombie

Day After Thanksgiving 29 of November 2013 I’ve always wanted to be part of a gang. I think it would be something wonderful- to know wherever you go, you have a group of people behind you that will take care of you and defend you to the death. These are people who regard you as family, as a home in midst of a life where … Continue reading Brainwashed Zombie

And It Was At That Age, Poetry Arrived In Search Of Me

And it was at that age, poetry arrived in search of me. -Pablo Neruda Continue reading And It Was At That Age, Poetry Arrived In Search Of Me

A Taste Of Playa

A taste of Playa Del Carmen Continue reading A Taste Of Playa

Un Gran Sonrisa

22 of November 2013 So all day I’ve been wondering how I would present the events of today to you. It really was one of those weird kinds of days, where things begin to mend and I could finally see the pot of gold at the end of my harrowing rainbow. Have I ever mentioned I’m a dark sort of person? Rainbows + Maia + … Continue reading Un Gran Sonrisa

A Rite Of Passage

17 of November 2013 My whole life I’ve always been around people quoting Forrest Gump, or eating out at Bubba Gump restaurants, or asking me if I’d seen the movie and when I’d reply no I haven’t, they’d gasp and ask why. I’m not a proponent of watching television, or filling your time with meaningless technological gibber-gabber, but quality television was inducted into my list … Continue reading A Rite Of Passage

Learning To Kiss All Over Again

An important part of any expat’s life in Mexico. Continue reading Learning To Kiss All Over Again

The OHL Classic

16 of November So are any of you guys golf fans? Since Thursday, I’ve been working at the PGA Tour in Maya Koba, Playa’s nicest golf course. Our church has been involved with the tour for years now because our church is English, so the tour is assured they will be provided with English-speaking patrons. Our volunteer work pays off though- $5,000 goes to the … Continue reading The OHL Classic


The international writing organization. Continue reading NaNoWriMo


Things are looking up… Continue reading Recovery

Teenager Writers: Get It Straight, Guys!

October 2013 So as I was scouring the internet for intriguing tidbits to read, I came upon this post: How to be a Teen Writer Without Making Me Want to Punch You in the Face. At first I was a little turned off by the title, but as I read through the fifteen year old’s post, I found I was in complete and utter agreement. Teenaged … Continue reading Teenager Writers: Get It Straight, Guys!

Floating In Playa Del Carmen

Thursday 7 of November 2013 At first I had an overwhelming desire to cry. Just fall to the floor and sob and sob and sob until everything was washed away and I could no longer remember this week. Unfortunately, the world doesn’t work that way- the way which you can forget your problems and suddenly they all float away. The people and the place I … Continue reading Floating In Playa Del Carmen

Choking on Silence

Wednesday 6 of November 2013 Well friends, the last two school days have been completely hellish. For some reason, my closest friends in the class aren’t speaking to me. The only things I can attribute it to are Daisy and Lily, or the kiss Juan insinuated at the Tepeyak party as we were talking. I went home yesterday with a sense to weep on my … Continue reading Choking on Silence

The Lesser-Traveled Path

4 of November 2013 The rains hailed Mary last night in a now familiar catholic gesture, condemning Playa for its sins committed during the crazy weekend.  I was jubilantly looking forward to finally getting back to school after a hiatus since last Tuesday, so when I woke at 5:30 am, I was sourly let down by the unexpected turn of events. Most of my class … Continue reading The Lesser-Traveled Path

The Night That Signified The End

2 of November 2013 Saturday Day of Xcaret Party, 22:00 “I’m kinda starting to miss my tattoos,” I joke to Mum as she heads up the stairs. It’s 15:10 now, or 3:10 for you Americans. Last night was Tepeyak’s Halloween party, and I can still say, after another party, that the quinceanera I went to was my favorite party in Playa, even though it was … Continue reading The Night That Signified The End

Sea Turtles & Celebrations

1 of November 2013 And it has passed, another October, like a shadow, eclipsing day dreams of black cats and cheap face paint. November, our fourth month in Playa, is here, but I’m holding onto the cusp of my October fantasies for two more nights. Tonight is the Halloween party hosted by Tepeyak school, and tomorrow night is Nardo’s party in Xcaret. But before I … Continue reading Sea Turtles & Celebrations

Vida Y Muerte

31 of October 2013 Sorry for the hiccup in my writing; it’s been a busy week! On Monday the kids and I got up and walked to Papalote with Papa. We had a typical school day: sitting in all-Spanish classes for hours, reprimanded by some teachers for not doing their homework assignments, and sympathetically smiled at by others; I missed my tutoring class, and gave … Continue reading Vida Y Muerte

I’m Going To College!

26 of October 2013 Well, the nine o’clock Tepeyak futbol thing did happen, and it actually turned out to be a tryout, for a scout from the University of Cancun. It took some convincing in the early morning, but Kira decided to go along with me to the tryout after Kalin’s game, even though it was obvious to all of us that it would be … Continue reading I’m Going To College!

Cheap Perfume

25 of October Tonight feels awfully familiar. A chokehold of perfume permeates my stomach and it all drowns in an unusual amount of acid, enzymes, and acid coming up my throat from my anticipation of the night. My head aches and my mind is buzzed on the chances of Camila’s quinceanera, and I am decked out in a tight dress and dripping jewelry and maybe … Continue reading Cheap Perfume

Prideful People

24 of October 2013 As I lay on my blue bed, head bobbing to The Kooks and the fan twisting the air lazily above, I must tell you that today was interesting. Well, that is an understatement: today was terrible. It began with promises of presenting the hurricane project we have been sweating over for weeks and ended with Carmen, the artes maestra, failing me … Continue reading Prideful People

Busting Brains

20 of October 2013 Today I spent laying on the beach doing my homework: reading the MLK book and getting a severe tan in my new bathing suits from America. I feel the oppression of too much work I signed up for, and it was nice to be able to relax while feeling like I’m getting some of my work done. Ever feel like that? … Continue reading Busting Brains


19 of October 2013 Papa’s first day back in Playa was awesome! My family went to Paamul for Sammy, a friend of Kanon and Delilah’s, sixth birthday. Samuel and his twin sister, Danica, are Bekah and Brandon’s kids, a couple we met through our connections with Raquel. The party began around the relative area of their backyard- which I’ll attach a picture of- and slowly, … Continue reading Para-Para-Paradise

I Live Here. *@#%!!!

Friday 18 of October 2013 Back home at OCSA, the art institution I attended in Orange County, about thirty minutes away from my house in Long Beach, I went on a field trip with my conservatory to a museum. Conservatories are basically an “aka” for the classes a student takes after their academic day is over. OCSA has over twelve of these conservatory classes one … Continue reading I Live Here. *@#%!!!

Driving Mexican-Style

17 of October 2013 On Wednesday I skipped school for a little detour with the Kander’s homeschooling group. At nine o’clock (I finally got to sleep in past six am during the week) we went to a local watercolorist’s home to study and use his art supplies. I was invited because, well, I’m an artist- there’s something amazing about being known around for being what … Continue reading Driving Mexican-Style

The Weave Of Our Fabric

15 of October 2013 For the last week, prepa and secundaria have been knee-deep in examens, and today was my artes one. Out of the two homework assignments we had to do, only one of mine did Carmen accept, because the second homework I completed wasn’t done in the format she wanted it in, so she just told me to throw it away without even … Continue reading The Weave Of Our Fabric


Sunday 13 of October 2013 Well, friends, today the crazy rockers of the world are whooping it up at the Corona Capital while I sit in the wake of the setting sun in Puerto Aventuras at the Kanders’ home. Chris and I hung out at the house a bit before skipping off to go pool hopping, a pastime that works along the lines of movie … Continue reading Fence-Hopping-Cenote-Trespassers

Art and Never Copy

12 of October 2013 I have so much information to share with you… whoever you are. On Friday, Daisy and Lily weren’t at school (they’re in Mexico City at the Corona Capital) so I had a wonderful day without their drama to deal with. Santos and I had a good conversation, and he jokingly kept on telling me to kiss him. I told him to … Continue reading Art and Never Copy

Gringas Facing Machismo

9 of October 2013 Today in my last class, Quimica, my friend Orlando was pestering me about “what I look for in a guy”. I tried to avert the question from myself by shooting him back with the same question. “What nationality do you prefer?” And as soon as those words were out of my mouth, another boy, Oasis, looked over and said, “Gringa,” answering … Continue reading Gringas Facing Machismo

“Nic Niples”

8 of October Yesterday I learned about a group chat about me someone started after acquiring pictures of me in a bikini. “Nic Niples” is the title of the group chat on WhatsUp, the app everyone in Mexico uses for free texting. My view is that if those idiots are going to share pictures of me all around Playa, they should at least learn how … Continue reading “Nic Niples”


7 of October 2013 All of those Lily and Daisys in the world, the gossip, the drama, it’s all gravity. Gravity, the bad things in life that pull you closer to the human aspect of the Earth and farther from the perfection of some Heaven is something everyone battles with internally. I’ve learned, just in this last month, to keep myself in the light of … Continue reading Gravity

And Then There Was Light: My Blog’s Creation

6 of October Yesterday, Chris came over in the afternoon and the nine of us- my family, Ivan Larson, plus Chris- went go carting at the Centro Maya mall parking lot. We had a blast, although the required helmets were probably lice ridden (we had to wear cafeteria- lady shower caps under the helmets) and afterwards, I had a nasty headache from all the speed … Continue reading And Then There Was Light: My Blog’s Creation

Skirting Immigration Laws (Shh)

Saturday 4 of October 2013 On this suffocating summer night in Playa Del Carmen, I dutifully report that today was splendid, it not chokingly humid. My family and I went to Aidan’s futbol match, but unfortunately the other team couldn’t scrounge up any more than three players, so they forfeited. Carlos, the coach, set up a little scrimmage for the boys to actually get a … Continue reading Skirting Immigration Laws (Shh)

Old School

Thursday/ Jueves 3 of October 2013 A bit of housekeeping- here is the list of songs Carlos wants me to learn for his band: -When I Come Around by Green Day – Smoke On The Water by Deep Purple – Seven Nation Army by The White Stripes – Otherside by Red Hot Chili Peppers -It’s My Life by Bon Jovi I’m so excited to become … Continue reading Old School

Nostalgic Stoner Mentality

Wednesday 2 of October 2013 Tonight was another exquisite time at Pastor Doug and his wife Darla’s Wednesday night bible study. Now that it comes to mind, I regret not telling you about Ramona and Otis. To quote Pastor Doug, “Otis could write a book about all he’s been through in the last year,” which, to simplify things, includes getting married to a woman who … Continue reading Nostalgic Stoner Mentality


1 of October Happy Fall! It’s finally October first- crazy we made it this far! Today was another interesting day, what with my suspension, the Lily conversation, and the MIA CableMos guys. But before I get into all that drama, I bear some good news: Papa bought his plane ticket and he is coming in a couple weeks. This month and a half have been … Continue reading Delinquent

Why You Should Never Buy A Lemon In Playa Del Carmen

30 of September 2013 Today, Miros, Claudia’s secretary, peeped in the door of my classroom and called out,”Maia Jackson?” I briskly stood and walked up to her- she dropped twenty pesos into my open palm, telling me that Mum’s car broke down and that I was to walk home with the kids. Such a big surprise about the car. It seems every time we absolutely … Continue reading Why You Should Never Buy A Lemon In Playa Del Carmen


27 of September 2013 I’ll begin this post with a little explanation of yesterday. It was the last day of school for the week- Thursday- because today, Friday, is a Mexican holiday. I got in major trouble and narrowly avoided a suspension; Xochitl and I were thought to be missing but in fact I was helping her with her Spanish on the roof of the … Continue reading Electric-Less

Flash Back

Flash Back Wednesday Night: Bible Study in Paamul 25 of September Tonight at the Pastor’s house in Paamul, a transient community in the semi-jungle, the small church and my family ate a lovely meal of Mrs. Kander’s delicious beans, Spanish rice, tortilla chips and guacamole, taco salad, Mum’s grilled veggies, a fresh baguette, sugary iced tea, and finished everything off with chocolate oatmeal cookies. This … Continue reading Flash Back

How To Be A Successful Vegan

24 of September At recess at school today, I had a long speech/debate with a rotating crowd of kids about becoming vegan. I wrote a four page summary I’ll attach (when I get it back) for a prospective new vegan, Alma. Last night I had a dream that really got me thinking. In the dream, I overheard the teachers at Papalote talking about how my … Continue reading How To Be A Successful Vegan

Chicas Armadas

Monday 22 of September 2013 Well, I’m awfully behind in my blogging. In case you haven’t understood the dates at the top of my posts, I’m reaching back into time before I started this blog and typing up all my old journal entries I’ve kept since my move to Playa. Soon I hope to be up to date with no more old posts to, well, … Continue reading Chicas Armadas


Saturday, Papa’s Birthday 21 of September 2013 Let me apologize again for my lackadaisical blogging evolution, but to my credit, I’ve really stuck with it amidst the ups and downs of my journey in a foreign country. The last three days that I haven’t reported on diligently have been full of juicy tidbits you may want to hear about to get a better view on … Continue reading Futbol+Friends


18 of September 2013 This tumbleweed life is the most wonderful thing for me; all I want from my years is to look back and be able to say that I’ve lived. Things are quickly falling into routine here: the climax of my mysterious, gringa nature that intrigued most every native in Papalote is fading as I become welcomed into their family. It’s the beginning … Continue reading Tumbleweed

Dia Del Indepencia

Mexican Independence Day, Sunday 15 of September My family attended church until noon, and then spent the day with Chris and his family. We began our day together at the beach, but soon the heavens opened up and our families ran back to my house; then within twenty minutes curiosity drove us to the Kander’s home. Let me back up and tell you about the … Continue reading Dia Del Indepencia

Articulating Drama

Thursday 12 of September 2013 Kira and I had our second soccer practice with Tepeyak this afternoon, and I don’t believe we will be staying to play with them. Mum stopped into our room tonight and told us that she knew about the fact that no skills are being taught to us- basically that the team isn’t close to the caliber Kira and I play … Continue reading Articulating Drama


Visit wonderwanderjewelry.wordpress.com to read about the line, view the products, & purchase online.     Continue reading Jewelry


Walking into a Hallmark store is my worst nightmare.  It is stripping the depth of your sympathy or sorrow to the flippant “deepest sympathies” phrase with a Google Images photo of a lilac. It is commercializing a precious stepping stone in life worthy of a card. It is compacting your emotions and exuberation into a cookie-cutter quip. I believe that living life to the fullest means living … Continue reading Cards


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