Articulating Drama


12 of September 2013

Kira and I had our second soccer practice with Tepeyak this afternoon, and I don’t believe we will be staying to play with them. Mum stopped into our room tonight and told us that she knew about the fact that no skills are being taught to us- basically that the team isn’t close to the caliber Kira and I play with in America. They’re like- for you Americans- a regular AYSO team. Unexperienced, not particularly athletic, just out for the fun of it kind of team. I’ve been begging Mum to let me play with the boys’ team at Papalote (there’s no girls’ team), and she finally offered that option to Kira tonight. In soccer respects, my opinion doesn’t mean as much as Kira’s because although I love soccer, I don’t aspire to play at the high levels that Kira does anymore- I have art school and other passions to take up my time. I’m glad to be second to Kira in soccer though- I have my art shenanigans and she has her soccer. I’m a solid player, with some wheels, definite aggressive playing, a nice shot, and good ball handling- but Kira’s incredible, smooth moves and incomparable ball-handling blow me into the dust. She sees the field like I never will. We play on Saturday at 9:30 am on the pristine Tepeyak field, and on Sunday Mum, Kira, and I agreed we would figure out the soccer situation of whether or not we will continue to work for Tepeyak.

I need to apologize- my copious storytelling I drew out at the start of this blog has rather faded like an old pair of my favorite jeans. I have no excuses really, I’ll just blame my three amigos Tired, Lazy, and Not Motivated, for my lack of effort in the writing department. A couple of weeks ago- I read the first sentence on the pilot post to Kira, and she rolled her eyes and complained to Mum about my ridiculousness. Here’s a recap of the opening line: The stifling summer film of sweat… blah, blah, blah. Like, do I need be so dramatic?

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