Art and Never Copy

12 of October 2013

I have so much information to share with you… whoever you are. On Friday, Daisy and Lily weren’t at school (they’re in Mexico City at the Corona Capital) so I had a wonderful day without their drama to deal with. Santos and I had a good conversation, and he jokingly kept on telling me to kiss him. I told him to kiss himself- lame, I know. I tried to fix things by explaining that I never wanted to kiss him. He asked why, and I simply said that he loved Carlita, not me. I know he respects me a lot for that answer.

We had our first day of examens today, which meant that in computadoras we had a minute to draw something we learned in the bimester; I learned nothing from that class except that Papalote’s temperamental internet totally sucks. In historia, the teacher, Angela, handed out a typical twenty question quiz, which I completed to the best of my ability, first out of the class, and turned in. Angela proceeded to comment to the class- in Spanish, of course- about what a great project I had put together about our field trip to the Museo Maya de Cancun the week before. (My project was a paper I had put together that morning and artistically added some flairs to appear as if I had spent a long time on it- I guess my tactics worked.) For our exam in English class, we had to write an essay about a character from our studies about the story, Romeo and Juliet, so I argued Juliet’s sanity and slow decline throughout the Shakespeare’s narrative. My essay took the longest time to write out of my class, and yet it was one of the worst-written essays I’ve done in years, from the lack of necessity for something incredible. The kids didn’t understand how to write an essay, like the way that it is rammed into little Americans’ heads from first grade to college. Some people used bullet points as their essay, and others created a flow chart- go figure. Every other class didn’t supply an examen for the day- although I heard that on Monday we will continue our examens.

On Friday night I went to bed around midnight after a long day of school, blogging, and that night, walking to a movie with Emery. It was titled Art & Copy, and basically explained the influence art has on the advertising industry, and how it altered the public and corporation’s perception of what an ad should be- for the first time the held-in-low-esteem art director was collaborating with the high-on-his-horse copy director. Emery and I had a great time together, and the venue, a beautiful rooftop lounge, served popcorn and any kind of alcoholic beverage under the sun, along with a complimentary blended apple and red wine drink. I feel much closer to Emery now, and truly enjoyed her free spirit and intriguing conversation.

Saturday morning I woke early to get ready for Aidan’s soccer game at Colegio Ingles- another Papalote victory! I worked on two posters for the costume contest my class is hosting at Papalote on November 1 to raise some money for our graduation to prepa. I’ll attach pictures of them. Then at three o’clock, Kalin and the fam left for his game and I stayed home to work on the posters. The night concluded with me, sipping a lukewarm cup of (soy) milk tea under the illuminating glow of the computer as I click-click-clicked away the keyboard, typing up my day’s post.

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