And Then There Was Light: My Blog’s Creation

6 of October

Yesterday, Chris came over in the afternoon and the nine of us- my family, Ivan Larson, plus Chris- went go carting at the Centro Maya mall parking lot. We had a blast, although the required helmets were probably lice ridden (we had to wear cafeteria- lady shower caps under the helmets) and afterwards, I had a nasty headache from all the speed and knocking, crashing, and turning that earned me second place, right behind Chris. That night we dropped Ivan and Aidan off at Larry Larson’s restaurant after another delicious meal of potatoes there. Dana showed up with the rest of her family, and Lily and Daisy kissed me hello. It was awkwardly painful, what with the whole trash talking thing they’ve been advertising to Playa, but they went through with it and tried to seem polite for the two seconds I saw them. It saddens me, the choices they made to sever our friendship, in the same way that my cousin Kasey saddens me when she treats me as if we have nothing special between us when there’s other people around.

Chris stayed over at our house until late, because his dad had a meeting in Playa and couldn’t pick him up until after ten. We finished watching Now You See Me- Chris was smart to bring a flash drive with the movie on it, because he knew we’d want to see it. We all loved the movie, because it really made you think.

More great news: Today I set up my blog and posted the first four journal entries I made. I have to quickly catch up with my posting from the journal entries I wrote a long time before I made this blog. I am interested to see how long it will take me to write and publish all the work I’ve done over the last month and a half we’ve been here.

Today we went to church, and then to the Cenote Azul with the Kanders and Kristen, Anthony, and little Clayton. I explored the surrounding jungle near the cenote with Chris, and I discovered an old rowboat next to a collapsed and mildewed wooden bridge in the murky water. I attempted to hop through spider webs and climb inside the boat, but Chris wouldn’t let me on account of the tarantulas crawling about and potentially some snakes hiding inside. He paid me his first compliment though: that he appreciated how I was so attentive and inclusive of his sister. I really do enjoy the twelve year old’s company though, so the way I treat her is just a testament to our friendship.

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