A Taste Of Playa

24 of November

Tonight was Taste of Playa, a genius event where basically restaurants put out the best representation of their menu and everyone walks around and eats the petit delicacies. I began walking around with Kira, but she split and spent the evening with my brothers, Ivan Larson- who I adore, the blogger Michelle’s kids, Emery’s girls, and an array of stray urchins looking for trouble. I fell in step with Maria and Alma from my class early in the day- we chatted and roamed while picking up brownies and ceviche. After the two girls left, I went down to the beach with Chris. We sat, toes in the sand, and watched a group of locals play a little four versus four futbol match. In between the lines of our conversation, I intercepted bits about how I had a right mind to get up and ask the men to play. So I did. We ended up playing in front of a whole crowd of onlookers that were resting by the statue that marks the end of the park and the start of the beach, and I had a blast. Mostly I spent the twenty minutes we played sprawled in the sand, fighting on the ground for the ball, but it was totally worth it. The guy I spoke to primarily introduced me to all his futbol buddies- all Mayan- which was really nice, I’m connecting with the natives of this beautiful land, the ones who sweated over it and bore children on it for hundreds of years.

After my soccer endeavors we done- they lost the ball- I met up with Sky, who is in my class, and Landis, a Canadian in segundo (eighth grade) who I had never formally met. We kissed cheeks and hit it off right away, in spite of the fact that we never talked in the four months I’ve been going to Papalote. She likes to read- instant brownie point- and didn’t seem to have any negative preconceived notions about me, even though incorrect rumors about me are more common than iguanas here. I liked her lots, and it was good to hang out with Landis and Sky because, frankly, I feel like I need more girlfriends in my life. I usually just make polite small talk girls, but never become good friends with many- I mostly attribute that to the fact that I don’t really get along well with teenaged drama queens. Boys are so much easier. If someone would just enlighten girls a bit and explain that the secret to talking is listening, maybe I’d find the prospect of girlfriends more intriguing. Boys just usually don’t know what to say to girls, which makes it seem like they’re listening while the girl just talks his ear off. But as it stands, Sky and Landis are good enough for me. They’re genuine, anyone can plainly see, and I know Sky is loyal, trustworthy, and sweet as anything. I heard some bad things about Landis from Sammy, when he was still talking to me, but I’m not worried about that much. Sammy is just a really sensitive boy, and that’s why he’s having such a hard time dealing with the unfortunate happening between Juan and I- which is the same type of problem he had with Landis. I wish I could explain to him that I’d take it all back if I could- that night is my only regret in life right now- but he isn’t at a point where he can accept me, even when he knows that my case is different and that he’s never going to meet any other girl who likes to play video games. Maybe one day he’ll realize he’s my best friend and I miss him like all hell. Until then, wish me luck.

But back to Taste of Playa, I had a blast! I’m super into the color red right now, so I had on some bright red lipstick, which I’m sure you’ll laugh at to see. Mum told me she’d take a picture and show me in ten years. I concurred and responded that I’d probably laugh my face off if I saw how I looked. Another appearance-like update: yesterday Mum shaved the little patch of short hair on the side of my head back down- it was getting long- and she cut it really short! From a distance, I’m almost positive I look bald, but I love the alternative liberty of it. I’m a punk, an aspiring intellectual, a schoolgirl, an artist, a blogger, a soccer player, a reader… but mostly a punk- sorta. If you’re interested, please check out my Facebook or comment to see some photographs and get some info about other events in Playa, if you’re planning a trip. Hasta luego!

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