Wide Eyes (2015)

The world is a delight

From outside the box

Though I looking in, I worry

About the mainstream mind block

You slack-jaw sheep

Trotting after your shepherd your sweet

Look up, your treats are poison

On the woodblock, you’re just meat

What we put into our bodies

Is far from God’s design

We sit and pick daisies, misinformed

The skeptical have turned blind

And it breaks my heart to know

The guard against the epidemic

Takes our lives and ravages them

For the gain of a jaded senate

The schools on the back burner

Greasy with no hope, no funds, no joy

Roll children down the assembly line

A mindless generation dim to the ploy

While an age of illusion stuffs us

With brightly packaged lies

Vision and thought tuned to mirrors

School never taught us to externalize

So I thank my Lord every day

For the privilege of my open eyes

All the people need is knowledge

To unmask the world’s black and white disguise