To The People I Fell In Love With

Published in Teen Ink Print Magazine 2014

There is no place that dominates me.

No conglomerate of proud, soggy mangrove; no luminary mine of glass cenote

No brickwork streets tread on by the sandals of tourists

Nor the lifeguard shanties that rest by the sea

Like a giddy schoolgirl, I am enraptured by the sprinklings

Of Salt and Pepper people

Here and there- grains of the tithing sand that are in this

Transient place, still, after the tides have come and gone.

Sweat of this earth mars their brow,

And they wear it like a soft badge

Not with pride or pale pallor, but with purpose

As they labor day in day out, bear children, and die

Like a loyal soldier, never recognized for their toil

Never distinguished from the masses

As they lead ordinary lives