Things Kids Remember From Public School

Itchy wool fit sweaters

Football season, team letters

Drippy wet rub-red noses

Fifty-cent Valentine roses

Drama queen-y gossip groups

Bathroom stalls, smelly poop

Candied corn on Halloweens

Goody bags with jelly beans

Gum-chewing smack chatters

Forgotten homework, textbook tatters

Detention days with Mrs. Dork

Cafeteria lunches with a spork

Peeping toms, passing notes

Teacher’s pets, girly gloats

Nail-biting test takers

Need some help to stay awake-ers

Class’s crowned class-clown

Fidget in libraries without a sound

Take a hit, sniff or snort

Rebel’s playground, please abort

Starch and staunch uniform

Long lectures on cuneiform

Skipping school with “the chills”

Nurses’ nook, purple pills

Blowing chunks in the halls

Winter formal, gymnasium balls

Awkwardly asking out a date

Going to class- with coffee – late

Lunchbox lunches, rainy days

Playground pals, Teacher’s gaze

Cookies from the cookie cart

Tuesday tacos that make you fart

For these things I will yearn

But in homeschooling,

We actually LEARN.