The Eyes of the Murder (2015)


We crows are frowned upon for lack of humanity

As we watch death’s reaping from our nest

Ours is a tale of withered sanity

Fearless, we stare at the lands of final rest

Day in day out, we cock our heads at the people

Grieving in the poison ivy and

Desperately flocking to a weathered steeple

Clawing at eyes as if infused with sand

But beware the most: those who walk

Among the living though quite dead

They sing the song we morbid crows mock

And this is a tale of such of a man

The day under the eucalyptus was suffocating

The day the gravedigger saw her body

Her stare so enamoring, so elating

Only the tips of her fingers rotting

Service concluded, his duty realized

He could not deny infatuation

After so many failed tries

To escape her image in his imagination

He saw beauty in her blank eyes

Pouring over the coroner’s poetry in bed

Her cold hands were the perfect size

The way her lips were still tinged with red

The graven grounds grew hard and stiff

As summer shadows ceased

But still the dirt he didn’t lift

As his love for the curdling corpse increased

Under the moon’s steel rectus

In February he unearthed her casket

And through the leaves of the eucalyptus

We watched him remove the lid with a hatchet

Now crows are vengeful, vindictive

And nosy, this I know for fact

But I could not have predicted

The gravedigger’s actions would make me turn my back

Deep into the hazy abyss of the night

His cries and simpers could be heard

Hands caressing embalmed breast tight

Human love is inconceivable to a bird

At the break of dawn he kissed her last

And wiped off beads of sweat

Replacing her in her eternal cast

He murmured, to think I am the first man you ever met

He skimmed her eyelids, festooned with maggots

And began to shovel the earth

Salty tears like acid rain

Eroding her grave’s bony berth

Our gravedigger patted down the ground

And read her tombstone words aloud

But when the bitter shot echoed into the stillborn mourning

All who heard were our nesting crowd.