Sea Whisper (2015)

There was an utter joy

A joy I cannot understand

Nestled in the ravine between

Hope, and the pressure of a hand

A joy tinged with resignation

Echoing off languid lip

Retractable to the day

Her bone yard blood ceased to drip

Paranoia, cautiously concealed

Beneath the sweater and sweaty brow

Graying hair that made youth age

Died the pleading, anxious, but how?

And there took root the daunting, what next?

In a flurry of circumstance

Chained to demands of time and of man

In an era of misguided moral tract

The vanities of a simpler age

Stresses suited to the young

Chipped away through an osmic drain

Sacrificed for unknown words, unsung

The eloquence of chastity

Arriving far too late

Revered upon with a wistful, What if?

Unaware of a nearing fatal fate

Winter washed out rays of warmth

And visions of cradles that danced in her head

For horror to joy to blood curdling anxieties

That filled her heart with dread

The breathless panic of a wingless butterfly

Stifled as she stepped forward

Resolute beauty, you stabbed your own back

Now you’ll stumble though you could’ve soared

Eyes vacant, pulsing with enough emotion

To turn her clammy body numb

She slipped bare toes into the sand

To the lullaby the ocean hums

Naked at the end of a coastal town

Amidst icy floes, blustery blue

Dejected limbs pierced with pinpricks

Tumbleweed shark teeth, shells, a rusty screw

She sank beneath the tranquil waves

Fingers fumbling to the conch align

A breath aborted in the sea

The water stained with wine

Hot hands and dilated pupils

Emotions disguised as saltwater

Only the sea whispers of

The life of a young girl’s daughter