Patty the Party Planner (2013)

There’s only one name when it comes to the night,

One connoisseur of a party executed right

I am the name of Halloween

They call me Patty, the party queen

You’ll find I have impressive taste-

The curtains are sewn of Antoinette’s lace!

Dive into the divan and recline with the news

While Wolffman Brothers play the Boogeyman Blues

Now I promised you fine execution

The Headless Horseman is our solution

We’ll sew his head back on in pieces

And drop the guillotine through the creases

I cautiously keep the menu tight

To satiate each appetite

Survey my selection of lost-soul stew

In the cauldrons bubble Witch’s brew

Edward enables the barbe-skew roast

Dracula typically drawls out the toast

It is rumored the ghosts haunt the boo-fet

Although, if this is true, I couldn’t say

I’m quite attentive to alternative diets

Though, admittedly, I’m a little biased

Even so, we have Franken-shocks!

(He’s been known to stutter: It’ll kn-knock your socks off!)

At our parties you’ll find we’re not that exclusive

Our guest list is spine-tinglingly conducive

I even heard Catwoman will be on the prowl

(Bob bit her last week, she’s a zombie now)

It’s rumored Bigfoot may step in

And Rumplestiltskin with his twin

Orville the Ogre and a gorgon

Are bound to meet here with Captain Morgan

Just leave it to your party-planner

In Patty’s hands the scene will be grander

Foe, faun, or creature of fin;

It’s true: everyone’s dying to get in!