A Rap

So I’m here to spit this for you
Rip trip misfit outwit it for you
Not so I can show you, for all I care
You can lick six pits and I still won’t care

This is just so the whole world sees
That the system’s a screwed up fallacy
And they’re rallying in brutality and complacency Spirituality now an analogy, lost

Tossed to this “reality”
Based on a salary and materiality
Neutrality strays from morality, we’re loosing our vitality Sucked into virtual reality and you just stand there.
There’s a world where life ain’t so bad
And I think it’s sad people ticktocking away
Cuz not a day goes by where I don’t try to stand up
For my beliefs, to light up the world with my words and watch it blow up

Maybe I have naive written on my sleeve
But I really do believe there’s a plan to perceive
Achieve what the Savior says is the only hope to succeed, Greed and deceit are a guaranteed defeat
Since I was thirteen I knew what I had to do
Spit and chew and hock up something new
Since everybody’s got the same world view
Thinkin they’re so original, it’s askew, they’re not
Pink hair, piercings, I’m sick of the lot
It doesn’t make up for lack of creativity
And glasses don’t make you smarter than me
And even though I’m a little girl with skinny legs and blonde hair I walk in more prepared than ought, if not I make it up on the spot

It’s all a monstrosity
The same cycle recycling back from when I was biking Back in LB, watching the same shit go down
Same sound same blinders same silicone face There’s a world out there you ought to see
Just to breathe, not yoga, just to really be
Be a being again, a person loose, care free
Feel the wind in your face as you run past the rat race
A change of place, pace, some grace and worth
In our words, standing sure, to unearth our humanity Rekindle our sanity and realize our demise lies in
All the kids left alone, orphanages, schools, Parents who don’t come home
We’re crying out our eyes while corporations focus on Pint-sized fries and cutting corners on the burger franchise

If you asked me I’d tell you it’s all the same,
The pharmaceuticals to doctors, it’s a capitalist game While media focuses on fame, coral reefs are bleeding The ocean’s heaving, extinction’s weaving Reaper tales

Feeding the factories, unnatural contusion
Nature weeded out with production pollution
From child labor or ten peso days,
Looking for a buck to survive the constant buy-throwout Consumerist drive
While you sit comfortably and contrive Monologues, I listen in cafes and streets and on the block, Spitting smack and yak yak yak egotistical talk Let’s try hearing for once, and offering a hand Life’s short let’s live it and feel it, it’s grand

I’m not insensitive or ignorant, I understand where you come from And that’s still no justification for degradation
Refusing responsibilities to cater to the blank or the music industry Like spitting raps with curses, just worsens the level of literacy And its idiocy to live in negativity
There’s no excuse so don’t generate em
I won’t negate giving it to you straight
And while we’re at it let’s not abbreviate
Every word we know, instead of E TV let’s try a dictionary And I like whatcha did Em, I really do
But I believe the way to revolutionize
Touch on the stigmatized to the everyone’s despise Arising controversy, not commodity
Is to spit positivity
I believe in a greater way to be

Maybe if school would let kids be
We’d develop a more passionate society
Yet they bog us down with employee lessons
Dumbing us down and giving us all a crown
I miss want and reward, stop cutting us down
And narrowing life into four choices
Choking out our individual voices
Cookie cutter clean and starch uniform
We weren’t taught learning is to conform
Vetting us against each other even after the bell ring
And when the world accepts everything
There’s no standard, kids are simply slandered
In the store, school, sports, home, repeat
Taught to cheat beat make your bed real neat just to get a C That’s average, you’re average, and your parents should be satisfied. Meanwhile you should be gratified you get to go to prison,

It was actually 1453, but they just say shut up and listen