A Monstrous Mess

There is a monster that lives under my bed.

I remember he showed up last Tuesday

In his hand was a suitcase, like he wanted to stay

So I gave him a toothbrush n’ told him it was okay.

Then I skipped off to school and when I returned

It was quite obvious that my bed had been burned

So I turned to the monster, more confused than sad

And asked for an explanation, lest Mother be mad

“Monster,” I said, ”What have you done?”

“Your sheets were smelly, and now there are none.”

He continued, “This is my home too

Keep it clean, you rascal you!”

It was then, Mother, I devised a plan oh so cunning

To send that cumbersome monster a’ running

For many a day I abstained from cleaning

And left there pizzas that started greening

That dirty underwear I strew on the floor-

It was to block the monster from burning more

Grime-y socks and chunky milk

My old school project of an elk

As the days went by, it spilled over the dresser

Cramped me up and just grew messier

Soiled wrappers, forgotten games

My ratty stuffed animal I named James

Lollipops adorn the sticky ceiling

And in that corner are orange peelings

I left them there and resisted the urge

To pick them up, lest the monster return

It wasn’t long before he grew sick of the mess

And decided leaving me would best

So Mother, dear, please understand

That the messes I made were strategically planned

To lock out that monster who wrecked my stuff

Because with stingy monsters, it’s easy to have enough!