A Monologue For The World (2017)

And who’s gonna touch these people but us?

I don’t want some uptown, tip top, high horse fuss

With paper people who live in white worlds

And flash their fancy jewels while they gesture in gold to platonic wall art and copy paste phrases recalled from hungover mornings at Harvard

Now living in rows of birdhouses with Range Rovers in the driveway

Because you cruise around Europe in the summer, oh so cultured

Singing on Sunday to a God you don’t believe in

With a faith you don’t own in a world you walk on with people crying out Jesus, save me

But you already sponsor the equestrian club and you always contribute a quarter to dime-store leukemia fold-up funds

On the occasion you have some change after your tall order.


I didn’t sacrifice my life for superficial stacks of money

From privileged patrons who pretend to know what it’s like to walk on my side of the tracks.

I didn’t go sleepless nights, piss stained walls, cracked up pot-head boss men, snuffed at broken down felt up

To hang a painting in a museum to speak to people who don’t need to hear it.

So don’t forget where you come from, or where you’ve been.

We were resurrected under this moon by a sacred communion to sugar beats and the swishing of too many hips, hot and heavy

Nice and gritty long nights with real people

Oppressed by the weight of racism

And a wall some hooligan thought would expound the steeple

People, beaten by a war that started with colonization

Mom and Pop’s pushed out; an epidemic of rouge capitalization

Running a world based on the feats of a nation that’s lost its compass and moral vibration

Greed and aggression, the people are sheep herded by a hungry shepherd

Fed on fodder of lies, living alone to simply survive

This is not life, I don’t work no nine to five!

While the upperclass sit in cubicles and count the days til their death, praying to their items, money on their breath

This ignorance burying the burdens of the distressed

There’s girlfriends laying, jaw smacked head cracked, fork and knife bar fights

There’s brothers falling by the hand of the man with no one to tell them they should’ve ran

Bodies wrangled on the front line, guts in the grass and mommas crying for a life lost for the war of hating men

There’s parents touching girls where they shouldn’t be touched

Fishnet stockings because the clock is tick-tocking and there’s no food on the table

For families mistreated and abandoned, children without love, left to the whims of a fucked up racist system

Screaming for help but the world simply dismissed them

There’s life going on but somehow we missed it

They’re crushing the families and branding us like cattle

Forcing us into schools that don’t teach us to battle for what’s right

But to accept some assembly-line employee life,

It doesn’t get any better than this

You wastework away your whole life without a thought to resist

Screw these schemes designed to pit us against us

Let’s band as a brotherhood and fight to discuss

Our rights as humans and what we believe, our passions, our pains

I’m perturbed and I’m proud to be, it’s time to stand. 

And so when you feel a sinking in your knees

We are the music makers and dreamers of dreams.

We are the truth tellers and truth seekers and truth livers

And life believers

So let’s do something, act, don’t stand by the side and let life glide past.

Pray for men whose path has been tainted

And don’t just pray without faith- take a stand

We walk hand in hand with life, we are the richest of souls and the boldest of men

We know where we’re going and we know where we’ve been

So when the dogs howl we bare our teeth and take the leap

The street’s calling my name,

So in case you were wondering that’s where I’ll be

Doping up the side of some bus

There’s too much injustice, and who’s going to listen if not us?