A Dawning Dilemma

What to eat in the morning?

It seems I am yearning

For too many things

The sensational foods, the juicy drinks

Warm toast with honey

Pancakes with syrup, sticky and runny

Fruit in a dish, platter, or bowl

So many choices over which I can mull!

Ripe cantaloupe, grapefruit galore

Bananas and berries- give me more!

Microwave oatmeal cooked in a flash

Spiced apple with a cinnamon dash

There’s cereal coming out of my ears

Mostly crunchies and munchies, it appears

Frosted wheaties, fickle flakes

Gorilla Munch, Goodness sakes!

Cool conserves and concord jelly

Peachy jams slip down my belly

Croissants, muffins, banana bread

Apple turnovers in cherry red

Bring out the teas, tart and treaty

Chocolate soymilk, cold and creamy

Fresh squeezed oranges….


I heard the word “orange” has no rhyme

So I guess that concludes this poetry crime