Jungle Diseases Part II

13 of March Happy Thursday everyone! I hope your day was productive, adventurous, educating, or all three. I’d really like to present myself to you in the most appealing way possible and tell you that my day was “all three”- but let’s be real: I’m not a little ray of sunshine, and today definitely brought out the grinch in me. In a post a few … Continue reading Jungle Diseases Part II

A Long, Long, Long Overdue Post: The Mother of All Tangents

4 of March WARNING: Real-life friends of mine, don’t read this. I know you guys are all rolling your eyes. Let this not be a lecture, but a facet that allows you to branch off and become more knowledgeable about the things you are putting in your body. By now it should be quite apparent to you that yes, I am a vegan. My whole … Continue reading A Long, Long, Long Overdue Post: The Mother of All Tangents

Homeschooling Crusades: An Open Letter To The Romeikes

20 of February So in the last months I haven’t truly gave you  a full overview of what is going on with my family educational-wise. I feel this is an important aspect of my travels and blog that will hopefully not only benefit families interested in pursuing a similar lifestyle, but also in advocating for what I strongly believe to be the way to learn. … Continue reading Homeschooling Crusades: An Open Letter To The Romeikes

My Graffiti Career Ensues…

14 of February Valentine’s Day There’s a pretty long list of things I like to rant about, and the reason for that’s quite simple: I’m very opinionated. One of the subjects that gets my jets going is graffiti and simply how great it is: when it became popular, artists I’m fond of, the best brands of spray paint, and what’s-your-tag-by-the-way-?  Today I spent the day bikini-clad … Continue reading My Graffiti Career Ensues…

How To Hang With a Sea Turtle

11 of February First some housekeeping! I need to apologize for some brash recent posts that were extremely out of character. When I write, I prefer to keep things raw and minutely edited in order to really convey the heat of a moment and true emotions, but lately I’ve a little off track, even in my emotions; after all, my mantra is travel, art, family, … Continue reading How To Hang With a Sea Turtle

Deep Thoughts With Maia (While We Drink Tea In The Shower)

24 of January Five months ago, I began to chronicle the series of events that are my life as they folded out before me. Each night, I’d type ravenously on the itsy-bitsy iPhone screen when the lights were low, and I continued to journal my life in that way for two months before I graduated to an actual blog. Tonight as I was sitting at … Continue reading Deep Thoughts With Maia (While We Drink Tea In The Shower)


9 of January The bus vengefully ricocheted my temple into the window as it jumped over a pothole. I shifted myself downward and tucked my chin into my Beatles muscle tank, a much better- albeit, austere- option for a pillow. The bus was dark, and dwindling conversations between my Mum, Darla, and Tara were voiced behind the slow tempos in my earphones. The bus was … Continue reading Expat

Nice To Meet You, Nightlife

5 of January I don’t know if you know this, but Playa Del Carmen hosts the world’s largest electronica festival annually. With appearances from artists like Chris Liebling and Grimes, the BPM rakes in electronica enthusiasts willing to pay the 400 US dollar entrance fee from all over. Since moving to Playa Del Carmen almost six months ago, I’ve been to multiple parties hosted by … Continue reading Nice To Meet You, Nightlife

The Stranger That Made The Grave-Digger Laugh

1 of January I feel like I should make this some momentous post or something. Not many years ago, I thought about the new year as a marker day, signifying the passage of time, space, and congratulations, we’ve made it this far. But I suppose the atoms and cosmos lined up a little differently for roll call this year, because I’m processing events in terms … Continue reading The Stranger That Made The Grave-Digger Laugh