How To Vacation In The Yucatan The Right Way

Today- just for giggles- I decided to look up “Things to do in the Yucatan”. The information was just the same ol’ tourist venues advertising Coco Bongo, etc., and I was inspired to make this post from the perspective of someone who is in the scene here. Over the years, as friends and family have booked trips to the area, they usually contact me asking what’s … Continue reading How To Vacation In The Yucatan The Right Way

The Fountain of Youth

In case of anything going wrong, following the instructions on the two crumbled copy papers would be the difference between life and death. Roberto had hand-drawn the line we would take and all the supplies our group of “cavers” would need to make the grueling eight hour descent into the bowels of the Yucatan. Continue reading The Fountain of Youth

Where To Find Peace In The Next Chapter

As the youth of the world begins the celebration of Semana Santa in the Spring Break capitol of the Western Hemisphere, in the tiny city I call my home, nestled between the coconut-heavy palm trees of the Mexican Caribbean, I am faced with one of the biggest decisions of my life.  I count myself extremely blessed. There have been a myriad of miracles in my … Continue reading Where To Find Peace In The Next Chapter

How To Make A Strong Connection

So I haven’t updated you in a while on my personal life. Recently, in my attempts to salvage a two year hiatus from daily blogging, I have been more distant and commercial with my posts. This is probably for the best- in the past this blog turned into an online diary that became WWIII. However, is about travel, art, family, and food. My personal … Continue reading How To Make A Strong Connection

Expressions of A Mexican Griot

The Jackson family arrived safely back in Long Beach yesterday morning to an empty, echoey house. We setup a few mattresses on the floor and huddled together, because this weather is absolutely freezing! I haven’t felt the lick of seventy degrees in ten months, and let me tell you, after living under a ripe sun and rice-cooking humidity, this is a bit of culture shock. … Continue reading Expressions of A Mexican Griot

Hasta Pronto, Playa Del Carmen!

Happy June! After our Jackson family see-you-soon shindig yesterday night, we have been busy rolling up our belongings to travel back to California for the summer. Departure is in two days, and all my belongings- except for my library of books- I packed into two bags in less than half an hour. Meanwhile, hurricane season is on the brink of its return and the sky … Continue reading Hasta Pronto, Playa Del Carmen!

I Know Why A Dead Bird Can Still Sing

30 of May Countdown: Four Days until departure Marguerite Johnson was thrust into the world on April 4, 1928, nearly 71 years before I was even a thought. But as young Marguerite traversed the temperamental tides of life, a new identity began to shape; the strong-willed woman shed a skin of abuse, silence, and racial discrimination, the sound of her indomitable voice culminating in a … Continue reading I Know Why A Dead Bird Can Still Sing

Paradise, Pastries, & Paranormal Activity

Before I scare you with the video chronicling our run-in at an abandoned, haunted hotel on a secluded beach where the ghosts of past guests still checking into their desiccated rooms can be heard, let me share about the goodies I’ve been baking! As you know, my family went organic, plant-based vegan almost four years ago, but that doesn’t mean we have missed out on … Continue reading Paradise, Pastries, & Paranormal Activity

The Liebster Award (That I Just Learned Exists)

6 of May So since I was nominated for some blogosphere award, you, my faithful yet small amount of readers, get to learn a little about me, as part of the rules of the award. Read at your own risk. “The Liebster Award is awarded to bloggers with under 200 followers to try to promote their blog a little and also bring together a community … Continue reading The Liebster Award (That I Just Learned Exists)

A Condensed History of The Mexican Spirit

5 of May Feliz Cinco de Mayo! On this historic Mexican holiday, we look to the past and remember the great Mexican victory won over the French (who were angry because Mexico didn’t pay their bills.) On this day, 1862, a band of ragtag natives lead by Ignacio Zaragoza and armed with meager artillery valiantly defended their land with a spirit that has enraptured the … Continue reading A Condensed History of The Mexican Spirit

Road Trippin: Palenque & San Cristobal

Day 1. Saturday, April 12. And We’re Off! + Hostel Yaxkin Loaded up the car with our bags, Christy, Andrew, Clayton, and the Jackson clan. We took off for Palenque at 9:30, and had been driving for eight hours when our rental van broke down. We stopped at a mechanic in one of the twelve building villages, who gave the fuel pump the ol’ German … Continue reading Road Trippin: Palenque & San Cristobal

Xplor (Forget Disneyland)

6 of April Well, I am here to tell you that the attraction park Xplor right outside of Playa (off the caratera, aka freeway) is a must for vacationers and residents alike! Yesterday my family, cousins Kristine and Kennedy visiting from San Francisco, and our young friends Asha and Raina all made the trip down the caratera to explore Xplor (sorry, had to.) Residents: you … Continue reading Xplor (Forget Disneyland)