A Rap

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Confessing My Faith In a Politically Correct Culture

A friend came to me with some unfortunate news last night. A message has been sent out around school making the following claim: “Maia is very racist, and I thought it would be the best thing to tell you to check out her recent article that’s linked to her instagram account. Also read the comments left on it as well. Just thought I’d give you … Continue reading Confessing My Faith In a Politically Correct Culture


So it’s been a while, blogosphere! Today I’m happy to report that I’ll be rejoining all of you beautiful, passionate people in the quest for the global swapping of stories, recording of rebellions, penning of personal anecdotes… okay, I’m done (: For the record: Today is Monday June 12, 2017 and I am sitting in the kitchen of a flat in Sevilla, listening to Spanish … Continue reading MAIAINPLAYA IS BACK!

Why All Travelers Are Creative

  I rarely use Facebook for my personal social media, but as my jewelry business and blog have grown, I’ve found myself doing online marketing more and more often. As I was perusing one day I saw a link my uncle and dear friend Rafa, a photographer and artist in LA,  shared from qz.com about creative people’s brains. The article was definitely conceived and written by … Continue reading Why All Travelers Are Creative

How To Vacation In The Yucatan The Right Way

Today- just for giggles- I decided to look up “Things to do in the Yucatan”. The information was just the same ol’ tourist venues advertising Coco Bongo, etc., and I was inspired to make this post from the perspective of someone who is in the scene here. Over the years, as friends and family have booked trips to the area, they usually contact me asking what’s … Continue reading How To Vacation In The Yucatan The Right Way

Where To Find Peace In The Next Chapter

As the youth of the world begins the celebration of Semana Santa in the Spring Break capitol of the Western Hemisphere, in the tiny city I call my home, nestled between the coconut-heavy palm trees of the Mexican Caribbean, I am faced with one of the biggest decisions of my life.  I count myself extremely blessed. There have been a myriad of miracles in my … Continue reading Where To Find Peace In The Next Chapter

How To Make A Strong Connection

So I haven’t updated you in a while on my personal life. Recently, in my attempts to salvage a two year hiatus from daily blogging, I have been more distant and commercial with my posts. This is probably for the best- in the past this blog turned into an online diary that became WWIII. However, maiainplaya.com is about travel, art, family, and food. My personal … Continue reading How To Make A Strong Connection

Why We Fall in Love


Oh, Paris! It seems almost impossible not to fall in love with the city renowned for romance, but what exactly makes it impossible? Although I truly wish it was because the night takes you back in time to the city’s golden years like in Midnight in Paris,  I think the real reasons are a little more realistic- but no less magical. 

During my time in Paris, I knew that no matter what, I had to go back.

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