So it’s been a while, blogosphere! Today I’m happy to report that I’ll be rejoining all of you beautiful, passionate people in the quest for the global swapping of stories, recording of rebellions, penning of personal anecdotes… okay, I’m done (:

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For the record: Today is Monday June 12, 2017 and I am sitting in the kitchen of a flat in Sevilla, listening to Spanish guitar songs
my Papa showed me while my sister reads about chiropractic and my little brother colors beside me. Wow. How did I end up here?

Kanon looks up from his drawing to ask Kira and I a question. “Maia… would you say Mom is a smuggle mother?” Kira and I look up at each other from across the table. We all laugh.

I find myself constantly asking that question, ‘how did I get here?’, spellbound by the majesty of the world, of people, of life itself. Life is truly whatever you make of it. Of course, I tend to romanticize everything. The way my sister’s eyebrows furrow as she reads, the still-baby way my little brother breathes as he concentrates on his drawing, the way the single light bulb casts shadows on our faces, the knots in my hair. 35fb7c1115b8609dde932c6aa7579437There is nothing more lovely than life. I am so blessed: with my parents, with my siblings, with everything I have and am.

I haven’t written for a while because I’ve just gotten over perhaps the most testing year of my life, the one where I’m actually without my parents.

  • By the time 2016 came to a close, I had finished high school a year early. I had already applied to three colleges, been accepted to two, and entered my first semester at California College of the Arts in September 2016. I officially moved out of my house, and moved to Oakland, California.
  • It was 2016 when I went to Crossfit for eight months consistently every week, and won first place in our Homeless Crossfit competetion (I was so proud). I began to do some modeling, and did photoshoots with many different photographers (not including Kira and my friends- haha). I made friends with Polette and Dariam, and had many adventures with them.
  • I became fluent in Spanish, having close friends who only speak Spanish. I met my best girlfriend, Alma, and together we had many, many adventures.
  • I turned seventeen, and cried for a couple days over leaving my 16 years behind and gaining another. I spent the summer with Aidan in California, and together we went through our storage bins in Pomona with my mom for three days in June to clear out our old life.
  • I had another great year at the Lake with all of our rowdy, rambunctious family (Love them to pieces). I went to New York and Brooklyn for the first time. I started a jewelry business with the help of my other mother, Dana, and made more than 800 dollars between selling on the beach for a couple days. I later began selling at Ginger Rubio hair salon.
  • I went camping with Kristine and Earth and their friends to Lake Clementine, my first family trip without my family. I overcame a nagging depression and I dealt with my eating disorder- for the first time in over four years eating without counting my calories. I traveled to Los Angeles three times; once on my own dollar (yay for jewelry business!)
  • I broke up with Clay. I let go in my art, and my whole mind expanded to let me create new things. I met a million people, and had a very successful first semester of school, despite my roommate issues. I, along with two friends, was excepted to Hot Couture Fashion fashion show.
  • I got my first tattoo. Then I got another one. My roommates turned out to be not cool people and they moved out. I moved in with some of my best friends, Manuel, Gabriel, and Antonio. I began a relationship with Antonio. I finished my first semester of college with a 3.74.
  • I spent last New Year’s in Baja California at Kristine’s house with my family, and ushered in the new year running on the beach with my cousins and siblings.
  • I wished desperately I was a better to all my family and my parents. They deserve only the best. I wished I had made them proud in all I did, but I messed up more times than not. I was selfish, hurtful, and stupid. I learned all of that is a waste of time. I learned I just want to treat them life gold always no matter what because that’s what they are.

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… Not to mention the myriad of other adventures I had throughout 2016; the ones I can’t recall and the ones I’ll never forget. I wish I would’ve been more diligent with my blog throughout this time, but one thing I could never forget to do is write about my adventures. I have to write; it’s just something that I need to do to clear my head and think through things. Throughout the time I’ve been neglecting this blog, I’ve kept a diary chronicling my journey that I am very excited to share to make up for lost time.

Screen Shot 2017-06-12 at 6.11.57 PMThe start of 2017 was a rough one as well, and I still hadn’t regained the drive to make MaiainPlaya what I know it can be. This is the year where I really truly learned that amidst the whirlwind of everything, it’s impossible to do it all, no matter how much you believe you can. There’s not enough hours in a day. Despite all of the roughness brought on my my first semester in college, I’m proud to say that I displayed two pieces in the First Year Exhibition (La Música Me Mata and A Tampon, A Penis, A Sperm, and A Vagina), my sculpture Atrapado in the First Year Honors program, and finally received an honorable mention for the First Year Review. (All works can be viewed on my instagram @maiainplaya_art and in the Portfolio page.) My goal is to continue working hard and playing hard to bring you the best I can offer: from crazy true stories to artwork.

Today, I am bringing MaiainPlaya to you a priority. I am writing this not only for my few yet loyal followers, but also for myself:


Hit the follow button to stay updated on my travels, some dramatic anecdotes, travel tips,  musings, art, and all the things I love: food, tea, music, and last but certainly not least- people. You can follow my art at @maiainplaya_art or my personal instagram @maiainplaya for travel and lifestyle buzz.

Con mucho cariño,


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