6 of February

Here’s to the boy who welcomed me into his gang with open arms, the boy who laughed with me, challenged me, connected with me, and made me strive to be better, in my art and in life. I could say a million words about the little piece I played in your brief life story, but more words won’t change anything that happened, and they certainly won’t fill the void in me that was you. It’s February 6, the anniversary of your passing, and this day brought back long forgotten memories of how precious life is. I honestly can’t recall a time you were down, Ajay, you were some otherworldly luminary, helping me to see the beautiful photograph on every side of things, and it should have been anyone to go but you. As I walk, run, skip, and stumble through this journey we call life, I never forget the light you shined. I hope that one day, people will see me like how they saw you, because it is with utmost admiration and adoration the gang viewed you with. I love you and I miss the originality and ingenuity you are, but I know somewhere up there in Heaven you’re snapping fashion photographs of angels in thrift store robes and Jesus making hang-loose signs. Rock on, Ajay.


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