Boring Updates (Con Musica)

20 of November

So guess who got her first real commission? Me! Our friend Larry Larson has asked me to paint a mural on the big wall in his restaurant. I haven’t met with him yet to discuss possible layouts for the mural and to present my portfolio, but he acted very confident that he wanted me to do it, so I have the job! I’m obviously off-my-rocker ecstatic, this mural could be the start to my career in the art world. Luckily, from February to May this year when we were residing in our old house in America, I took up a job painting an eclectic mural on our dining room wall, so I have a little experience with large-scale pieces. The down side is that the piece I created was inspired by Jean-Michel Basquiat, so it wasn’t the type of mural Mr. Larson is looking for. I’m happy to step it up though and whip out a realistic beach scene, in honor of the restaurant’s theme.

Last night I (finally!) downloaded music from uTorrent. Yep, thanks to the Kanders and their information on how to use the worldwide “sharing” database, we no longer have to pay for music, movies, online books- you name it. In case you’re interested, I got all the Red Hot Chili Peppers albums, Green Day’s American Idiot and Dookie albums, Grimes, Matt & Kim, Carla Bruni’s Little French Songs (I’m totally into everything French), Cesaria Evora, some of the Project X songs for when I’m in one of those party moods, Gnarls Barkley, Grouplove, Arctic Monkeys, Sia’s new song Elastic Heart, Flux Pavilion’s I Can’t Stop, The Fratellis song Chelsea Dagger, Daft Punk, Avicii, and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. It was an upbeat, indie/pop-ish/rock sort of steal… plus my French songs and Cesaria Evora. I am so glad to be able to tell you that music was included in the vast amount of appreciation I gained for diverse things growing up. On Sunday mornings we would always listen to jazzy oldies and Papa would make pancakes. When we had guests or parties and the house would be made up immaculate, Mum’s finishing touch was to put on her Latin Jazz playlist. Dinner was frequently accompanied by a background serenade of Afro-Peruvian classics. Hence, my love for Cesaria Evora.

I’m still experiencing some hiccups with people at school: of course the ever-present hatred of Daisy and Lily, plus Juan and Sammy’s anger towards me for crimes I didn’t commit. If only they’d listen to me long enough so I could explain to them what really went down on the night of the Tepeyak party!

Last night Mum busted me for being on my phone until one am, so the device is currently in her custody. This means no music until I get it back, which, I hate to admit, bugs me. Meanwhile, do you have any questions for me? Wondering about what it feels like to sit in a room for six hours, five days a week that is completely void of your native tongue? I’ll say it once more: I’m excited to hear your feedback!


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