11 of September

I’d like to start off this post recognizing the lives lost, twelve years ago, on the day infamously remembered at the 9/11 terrorist attacks that brought down the Twin Towers. It took me until I opened up Facebook to my cousin Kasey’s 9/11 tribute post to realize the significance of this day to America. In Mexico, there’s no such thing as 9/11. This is the day that brought the American military, government, and public to wake up and smell the cold coffee- learning that even manifest destiny can fall. A couple of things happened in my life on the twelfth anniversary of the death of the Twin Towers:

-I wore my hair parted down the middle for the first time since I shaved the side of my head.

-My family and I went, for the second time, to bible study with our new church in Paamul at the pastor’s house.

I’m estimating that at our church in the hotel room in Playa, there is roughly eight families in attendance. But that’s just because it’s off-season- when the tourists don’t come, and the snow birds are cozy in their summertime houses- in the tourist season there can be more than fifty people at the City Express Hotel room/congregation. The thing about having a small church is that the fellowship is incredible, and for the first time that concept is totally understood by Aidan and I, who have always hated church for the kids’ lack of maturity and therefore no connection to the people. One family in particular we have a good relationship with so far: the Kanders. Their oldest son, Chris, is fourteen, and a magician by hobby, so he always carries a deck of cards around which he uses to do smooth tricks. Lacey is Kira’s age, twelve, and into selfie-sundays, make-up tutorials, and Instagram. She’s extremely loud, just like my family, and has the good quality of making a tense situation very comfortable. And lastly, Giovanna, the youngest of the Kander family at age ten- the same as Aidan- is mature beyond her years, martial arts-oriented, and has an unexpected, quick sense of humor. We can’t wait to get to know them better!


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