Hanging Out- Doing Art-Early Saturday Morning
Hanging Out- Doing Art-Early Saturday Morning


10 of September

In eleven days it is Papa’s 48th birthday, but we won’t be together to celebrate until October. I miss him. I wish he would come on October twelfth so we could go to the Corona Capital, but I have a sneaking suspicion that’s not happening.

Kira and I went to Tepeyak to play soccer today. The school is massive- a monastery compared to the shack of Papalote- and I love my school all the more because of that. The most impressive sector of Tepeyak is the field. Turf, and beautifully painted, it is a full sized American football field complete with soccer goals pushed onto either end. We practice around the same time as the girls’ American football team and the boys’ soccer team. Now, I don’t mean to brag, but in regards to our playing skills at Tepeyak, we smashed the place. We would be their star players, plus the coach is very kind and respectful of girls, which is hard to find in sports in Mexico, and the girls are darlings. On saturday we will play our first game with them, with Kira and I as midfielders. I’m absolutely ecstatic because Tepeyak is the best girls’ soccer team in Playa right now, holding six consecutive championships, and my sister and I dominate them. That means that Kira is the best female soccer player in Playa, and I am a close second. The girls are the team are named Kailey, Mira, Andy, Samantha (who goes to Papalote and is in prepa), Ellie, and nine more girls whose names are escaping me. On thursday, if Kira and I decide to play with the team, we will pick the number we want to be- I graciously let Kira have our family sports number, eleven, and I chose to take thirteen. We also are going to pick out what we want our uniforms to look like. Our mascot is a toucan.

Meanwhile, lots has been going on in the last four days. Our car broke down on saturday, and when Mum jumped it to go to the store- we were in dire need of food- it broke down again. Finally we got it back after three days of hanging out in the shop with Bubba, but loosing the car for a few days meant no church on sunday, no food shopping, and no school on monday (we couldn’t just walk because of the rain.) On sunday I invited friends to the beach, and Kira and I ended up spending the day laying in the sun with Malakai, Isaiah, Micah, and Santos, later joined by Daisy. Micah is the sweet brother of the autistic, sixteen year old Navarro, who is also in our class and is my good friend. On Friday, as I was walking down Quinta, I saw the two of them with their visiting grandparents from Pueblo, where they were born.

I’m very interested in any opinions on my journey in Playa, so please comment with any questions or statements. I’d love your feedback!


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