MLK & Things I Suck At

3 of August

So, I accidentally deleted the last three days of blogging. Here’s a quick overview of things to keep you on track with my life:

-I hate my computadora maestro.

-Jim talked to Mum and told her that he asked around about me, and all he got was positive responses! He has an MFA in creative writing, and now we are working on some extra schooling together, since no one in my family is receiving any education this year, except for Spanish. It’s mostly going to be literary analysis essays in response to Bearing The Cross, a 700 page biography of Martin Luther King Jr. and the Southern Christian Leadership Conference I picked out, after we finish reading the book. 

-Kira and I will be exploring our soccer options at Tepeyak, a school in the area. I’m super excited to begin practicing- apparently they are the best girls’ team around. 

-People here say I’m good at everything, but that’s just because they’ve seen all the things I’m good at, so far. I’d gladly give them a list of all the things I suck at (like tennis, following rules, keeping paint out of my hair, spray paint off my fingers, and sealants off my clothes, archery, math, and gymnastics.) I’m just happy they all have a good impression of me and want to be friends. 


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