1 of September

Today was rather nice- I told Mum about Frida having a crush on me and I responded to her facebook message about it in all honesty and as respectfully as I could possibly manage. We went bowling with Emery, Raya, and Aja and had a lovely time; we are all pretty good at the “sport”. Tomorrow is the third monday at school, and I’m having a blast there. The other night with all the business of sleeping over at the Larsons didn’t work out obviously, and it put a little damper on things, but I talked it over with Mum and I know calling her was the right thing to do.

At school on friday, I was talking to some friends at recess about why Santos dislikes me, even after our interesting conversation when we were kicked out of class together. The boys responded that he just liked me, and not to worry about things, but I’m not so sure- mostly because I know of another girl he allegedly loves. I overheard a conversation he was carelessly having with Alma, thinking it was confidential because I don’t speak Spanish. I guess I know more than he thinks, because I understood most of what he saying: a girl he dated, Clareta, who moved to Rhode Island, is the one he loves. I eventually spoke to him about her, and he tells me I’m funny, but he won’t explain why. He doesn’t treat me like he treats all the other girls- kissing them on the cheek when they walk in and in general being very kind. I guess that means he still kinda hates me.

Tonight I had a great conversation with Mum and Kira spamming a couple different subjects. We talked of Mum’s mom, and how things were when she was twelve. We spoke of Kira and my rickety relationship with her. I am just like Mum. She always says I’m strong, like her, which stresses out most everyone we come in contact with at one point or another. This especially creates a gap between sensitive Kira and I, but we try to get along on occasion- maybe one day that will change.

De-bug at the beach this weekend
De-bug at the beach this weekend

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