Why’d You Only Call Me When You’re High?


28 of August

I downloaded some more music tonight: Amy Winehouse, Passion Pit, The Xx, blah, blah, blah- it’s been a hassle getting music here without Pandora. Things are going good: I talked to Papa on the phone and we skyped our friends from home. Everyone in Long Beach says it’s very humid there right now, but they don’t know humid until they come to Playa in August.

I was chastised for expressing myself through music today at school- I got in trouble for playing the piano in the music room that’s only provided for the elementary kids, but I couldn’t help myself, I haven’t played since we got here and it’s driving me crazy. On that note, two days ago I talked to Albert about music groups the kids around Playa are in, and now word’s gotten around that we are starting a band together. I don’t know what’s going to become of that development, but I would love to finally jam with someone.

Today Omar, my favorite PE coach, came into my class and called two girls, Carina and Marina, to come with him. Everyone was chattering in Spanish, so I just put my head down, started a new drawing, and didn’t pay the slightest attention. But before I knew it, the kids were pointing at me and calling out to Omar to choose me to go with him and the girls. All I knew about the situation was that if I went with Omar, I could leave the fledgling math class, so I readily stood up and said,” Yup, I’ll go.” It wash;t until I was skipping down the stairs with Marina that I found out what was going on: we were to paint a backboard for the basketball hoops on an uneven square of plexiglass. My friends in prepa, Talon, Joaquin, and Nardo, were already gathered down at the little area filled with spare tires behind the kindergarten class, arguing in Spanish and not doing much work on the backboards. It was so frustrating to me, the control freak, to not understand a lick of what they are talking about so I can be the key player in its success. I soon took over, though, mostly because it involved spray painting, which I love. I taped and measured lines through half of the day while the Arctic Monkeys crooned, Why’d You Only Call Me When You’re High?, and the kids came and went in crowds. It was magnificent and spontaneous and I loved today.

Jim finally came down in the afternoon to tell me to call it quits for the day because the Spanish tutoring I do was going on with Kira and her new, English and Hawaiian-speaking friend from Maui, Xochitl. Nelida is our tutor’s name, and on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays we will go to see her in the laboratory so she can aide us in our Spanish-speaking endeavors. I can’t wait to be fluent!


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