Alcohol Concerts and Frida Kahlo


26 of August

August is coming to a close, but September isn’t quite in the air yet. Deathly hot, it feels like it’s still the end of July. This month was very productive I’d say: we successfully transported all our worldly possessions to Playa, moved in, purchased a car, started school, and are becoming acclimated to life in Mexico. Everyone has made friends here; we’ve explored the beach and neighborhood; I’ve been banging out sketch after sketch; life is starting to develop a routine. But I shouldn’t get ahead of myself- we still have five days left of August before I can make September official.

Now, I simply have to share the Corona Capital with you. It’s a music festival in Mexico City with an amazing lineup- musicians ranging from the Arctic Monkeys, Capital Cities, and Vampire Weekend, to Deadmau5, M.I.A., the Xx, and Blondie. I’m dying to go, but it doesn’t look like that’s happening. Corona Capital runs from October 13-14, and for Mum and I to go, the trip would have to fall on one of the days Papa comes down so he could watch the kids. There is no question that at one point the fan is traveling to Mexico City though. My idol and inspiration, Frida Kahlo, has her Casa Azul there which has been turned into an amazing museum filled to the brim with her artwork that I’ve been looking at my whole life; to see it in person would be a dream come true. Frida’s paintings sold for more money than any woman artist ever, and her likeness is on the 500 pesos bill. It was my art school back in America that helped me accept that I’m an artist, but it was Frida who made me proud of it. Anyways, going to the concert and seeing Frida’s artwork in the same trip would be the most incredible experience for me.

The Corona Capital. I'm dying to go!
The Corona Capital. I’m dying to go!

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