Mercury Tears


25 of August

Papa is boarding his flight to LAX, and seven upset, remaining Jacksons just arrived home after the eighty minute drive to and from Cancun. Records Papa’s leave is making:

-Longest time I’ve been away from him

-First time I’ve talked to a parent over skype

Time pushed pause on us as Papa turned around in the front seat at the airport. Steamy tears gushed out of no where as I hugged his neck and said goodbye, along with the other kids. But suddenly then, time flashed by with a fast forward button and the twins had stopped their mouths-open, sky-wailing sobs and my silent, steady tears had faded. He was gone, and he wouldn’t be back anytime soon.

Tonight the fan played Apples to Apples together. I finally downloaded music for my out of commission IPhone (I hadn’t had music since arriving in Playa because Pandora doesn’t work internationally; it was so foreign to go every day without my headphone in my ear like it always is.) I washed dishes to my tunes and I felt so parent-like. Mum tucked in the kids while I cleared the kitchen, just like what Pop would do.

Anyways, school tomorrow, and I’m not looking forward  to waking early, but I am ecstatic for the human contact that isn’t just with my family- I’ve been couped up with them for a bit now. Don’t get me wrong, I love my family more than anything, it’s just sometimes I like to take a break from playing mommy, mediating Kalin and Kanon, and trying to keep everyone out of trouble. It’s been a long weekend, and tomorrow morning I’ll be thanking God it’s monday.


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