Weekend Wars


25 of August

It’s our first weekend in Playa and things are going unexpectedly great! I made it through a week of school with Aidan and Kalin. (Kira contracted a cold and has been bedridden since wednesday, the day the twins started school.) Yesterday, Friday, was my favorite day of the week. I got kicked out of the technology class with Alma and Santos because we were late to the class- in Mexico they take punctuality very seriously. So instead of sitting in my least favorite class for fifty minutes, I spent the time getting to know Santos, whom I used to despise becuase of his every-girl-likes-me uppityness. Turns out, he’s actually a good guy and seems to enjoy my company, as he laughed and smiled at me the whole conversation. I’d give our first talk a thumbs up- for both of us. Meanwhile, Alma is a doll- she gave me a bracelet this week and I, in turn, drew her a pencil portrait that came out quite nicely. Albert, Mariona, and Nardo are my closest friends from prepa- they’re juniors. Lily is a junior as well, but somehow seems to sneak out with the seniors at lunchtime when they are allowed to leave campus, and not only that, but she hardly attends school at all, and when she does come, it’s usually for half the day. I saw her, Daisy, and Dario tonight on Quinta when I was walking with my family. I kissed them and we talked for a minute, agreeing that next weekend was going to be awesome. We’re becoming quite good friends, I hooked up with them at the beach before strolling to Mickey’s office for an adjustment with Mum and Kalin. It really is the life here under the glorious sun, with the sand beneath my toes, my hair still slightly damp, and my favorite bikini that I never seem to take off.

Tonight we skyped my cousin Kasey, who is in college now, and our family friends back in Long Beach, the Mertles. Kasey acted towards me like how she always is when she’s around her friends, like I’m her “little cuz”. When we talked to her over skype, I wasn’t the cousin that she confides in, dances crazy with, the one she always laughs about what good lesbians the two of us would make. I wasn’t the cousin that she shows how to do the best makeup, the one she banters obscenities back and forth with, the one who goes skinny dipping with her in the vast black lake under the Milky Way that she couldn’t stop calling amazing. I give more than I get with her. The Mertles are doing great back home- part of our posse can to see us over skype too, and we miss them so much, especially Mum, I think.

I am becoming a part of this place as each day passes. The beach stinks after it rains because the mangrove one block from my house fills with water, so we don’t go for days while it comes down. But I finally understand Tommy Bahama, “Life’s just a beach”. It took me moving to the Mexican caribbean to fully grasp what that simple phrase means.

It thundered like all hell was breaking loose at school on Friday. It sounds as if someone is carting a massive metal dumpster across a broken asphalt alleyway- only two hundred octaves louder. It rumbles and cracks through the sky, tumbling out delayed bolts that crash for minutes of end. I dragged Daisy and Alma out to the soccer field where I twirled and skipped under the fat droplets of water and the stormy skies at break before Jim called me in.

Tomorrow is Papa’s tenth day with us, and unfortunately, will be his last day in Playa for over a month. I made him an inked drawing that I hope he will love. I don’t want him to leave; it’s going to be the first time in our lives we are without him for more than a couple days. It’s been anticipated by everyone how rough things are going to be for a while without his parental influence. The family has already created a makeshift list of things for him to bring for us from America next time he comes, which I hope will be soon. I’m going to miss his always sharing, bright eyed, newfound information on Spanish, trying to teach people the essence of truth health, talking about baseball and history and people and my art. I’ll miss laughing about tucking in shirts and scaring him half to death about how gay that looked. How he dives into new information head first and doesn’t look up until he’s exhausted the subject. I love you Papa, and we’re going to miss you.

Kanon and Delilah and their cuteness on their first day of school!
Kanon and Delilah and their cuteness on their first day of school!

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