17 of August

We’ve decided to kick back and enjoy the pure bliss and relaxation that can only be achieved by doing absolutely nothing. I woke up at nine today, the first time I’ve gotten up before ten thirty since I got on the plane back in Long Beach. The hot air drifts about lazily and reluctantly swirls in the bowels of the fan. It is hot and I am bound in a cremate layer of sweat and pool water. My hair feels soft and wavy from the humidity. This morning I ate a respectable breakfast of sweetbread and a smoothie, the second time I’ve had breakfast in the four days I’ve been here.

I took a dip in the pool with Delilah to relieve some of the heat and then poured over a book for an hour or so. I forgot to mention, two days ago Delilah slipped in her room and bonked her forehead hard. She’s got a black and blue shock of skin above her eye, but luckily everything is alright- no dilation of the pupils and henceforth no imminent concussion. I’ve decided to get back to art and I’ll be doing so for the afternoon until we see Emery and the girls. I’ll update you in a bit. 

9:08 pm

It is approximately nine hours before the family wakes up for the first day of school. I am going to Tercero Secondaria, or ninth grade; Kira is going to Primera Secondaria, seventh grade; Aidan and Kalin are in cuarto grado, fourth grade; and the twins, on wednesday, will be attending Kinder Tres, or kindergarten. I laid out my white shirt and blue shorts uniform and Mum cut down the shave on the side of my head in preparation for the big day. We are utterly exhausted. Emery was a no show, so we walked half a mile down the beach and  through Mamitas, and then probably two more miles from the beach to Quinta to home. Mum, Aidan, and I went shopping at Chedraui, one of the massive supermarket/appliances/clothes/everything else stores, and it was awfully boring. I woke up hating this place for the first time, with the horrid, covered cook pot atmosphere bearing down on my spirits. Hopefully my doldrums are gone in the morning.


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