Social Calendars and Other Nonsense


15 of August

Today I woke up at eleven am after a late night of gambling with my siblings. (I lost my Target gift card, but it wasn’t going to do me good here anyways.) The torrential rains hails Mary on us every ten minutes it seems and the kids are causing a racket downstairs in the pool. Two things this house has that our American one didn’t: stairs and a pool. Growing up with a grandfather- we call him Granpie- who builds pools for a living, we always knew that they are a necessity in the bone dry dust of the California desert. But here, the soppy jungle, pools are also a central part of life. The instantaneous relief of the days’ sweat melting away from your pores is a sensation that only a pool can bring and is essential to keeping us from heat stroke while satisfying the extensive hours of energy kids have. I don’t know what on earth we would do without that bathtub in the backyard.

Tonight we will finally meet a family that helped us make our move to Playa. Five months ago, Mum traveled here to find a place for us to live, research possible schools we would attend, and to gather information about our future home. She had connected with a kindly family, the Larsons, who had made the move a little more than half a year ago. They have five children: Beky, their oldest daughter, who at twenty didn’t join them on their trip; Lily, a sixteen year old who was currently back in America; Daisy, a fourteen year old just like me who I had previously connected with on Facebook; and Ivan and Avery, twin ten year olds. After much communication with their mother, Dana, and trips to all the schools in Playa, Mum decided to send us to the same school as the Larsons had attended the year before: Papalote. Unfortunately, their kids had all reverted to homeschooling and online school because the different language created a gap in their social and educational lives that was hard to handle. In any case, I am curious as to whether Daisy and Lily will make good friends- I don’t usually get along with girls too well.

11:55 pm That Night

Good news: Daisy and her family are wonderful! We joined them for supper at their father, Larry’s, restaurant, which is the reason they moved to Playa. After finishing our meals, Daisy and I strolled about nighttime Quinta and had an awesome conversation, which ended with her hooking me up with tons of fun social events to get to know the kids in Playa before school, which started in five days. The two of us walked down La Doce, the club street, as our budding friendship began to really blossom. Tomorrow night we are going to a party where she’ll introduce me to all of her friends. Daisy is so similar to me, and I totally trust her judgement about social things- relying on another person feels so strange to me- for once all I have to do is ride the wave.


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