Cenotes, Ak Lu’um, y Escuela


18 of August

group 8 cenote 3

Two days ago Papa and I drove to Cancun to retrieve our computer, the only piece of luggage that didn’t make it across the border. Other than that, my last two days have been Tonight was mellow, we watched Megamind and chowed on microwave popcorn- I already miss Papa’s stovetop popcorn! We traveled to our first cenote today, Cenote Azul, with Dana and her family. The water is clear as glass and shimmers cooly under the brutal sun. There was a small twelve foot jump off of a grotto that Aidan, Kalin, and I dove and flipped off of; Aidan is the most graceful person I have ever met. He was some otherworldly eagle god as he sailed into the glassy abyss with rocks that didn’t seem more than three feet from the surface on account of the clarity of the water. If you don’t know, cenotes (pronounced sen-oh-tay) are beautiful pools of incredibly clean, clear, and cool water around caves and rock formations in and above the ground. They can be totally underwater in caves, or as in the case of the Cenote Azul, it can be hundreds of feet deep and at ground level.

School (I’m now calling it “Shool”) begins in two days and I’m a little nervous about the kids. I don’t want to get tangled into webs of trouble like I have in the past, so I’m beside myself with how exactly to play everything out. I suppose I’m just going to try to be good.

Tomorrow it looks as if I’ll finally meet Emery and her two daughters,  Raya and Aja. You’re probably wondering who in the world I’m talking about, let me explain. Papa’s cousin, Kristine, is one of the most interesting and fun people I’ve ever met, and apparently that’s what everything thinks about her, because the San Franciscan has connections with people all over coming out of her ears. Emery and Mickey, the parents of Raya and Aja, happened to be two of those people. The family lived in San Francisco where Mickey was a chiropractor like Kristine, and I suppose the three of them hit it off. Since somehow everyone in our extended family becomes friends with Kristine’s posse, Mum and Papa, of course, became friends with Emery, Mickey, and their girls. Anyways, the girls seem so sweet and I cannot wait to get to know the ten and eight year olds. Just a bit about them: they attend they Walendorf shool in the jungle. Mum visited the shool, Ak Lu’um, but found that it was primitive in terms of academics at a young age, and had a focus on social and human behaviors spread across a variety of subjects such as cooking, sewing, creating, and the likes, not so much on “readingwritingandarithmetic”. It isn’t really the place for us, but a great school nonetheless. Signing out.


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